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20.8-38 COOP Agri Radial - same tread as BF Goodrich Powersaver Radial

Attachments1,0503688pullerbro04/06/2018 10:17AM

Rod, Deck plate, Sigma pump

860Bill04/06/2018 09:55AM

p8600 crank rods

523alz6880004/06/2018 07:04AM

Sbjd 404 engine

508Bonestock04/06/2018 06:22AM

I-H Double dis clutch

564Gary Suckstorf04/06/2018 06:20AM

38” rims and Deere cast centers

392Colin Reichley04/06/2018 05:53AM

5020 6030 Deere Weights Rims Tires 24.5x32s

Attachments890C.M.O.46604/06/2018 05:39AM

john deere 4050 ps & M farmall puller

Attachments1,899plaything04/06/2018 04:59AM

13mm pump

694Dm04/06/2018 04:39AM


Attachments1,027VaOutlaw04/06/2018 03:19AM

15mm sigma & 13mm ppump

710Bonestock04/06/2018 02:18AM

Farmall 460 puller

1,600Smoke fever 6604/05/2018 02:47PM

McCormick MTX 175

Attachments2,424Frogman04/05/2018 01:23PM

A-pump and clutch

777Kochie106604/05/2018 12:32PM

18.4 x 38 tires

687D T04/05/2018 11:59AM

Staab water valve

527Jon E04/05/2018 11:27AM

M/W Turbo

744James 8804/05/2018 10:40AM

Precision 3x3 Smooth Bore Turbo and Inteladash---SOLD SOLD SOLD

610red71204/05/2018 09:59AM

No replacement for displacement: RD501

1,009NateC04/05/2018 09:35AM

Hart's model 100

636Justin Manning04/05/2018 07:24AM

466 John Deere Engine. $1250

Attachments1,506Cody04/05/2018 02:34AM

BF Goodrich Power Saver Radials - 20.8-38 ***SOLD****

Attachments8273688pullerbro04/05/2018 02:34AM

Bbjd Head,injectors,innercooler,and tires

555bbjd04/05/2018 12:01AM

2008 Showhauler Motor Coach 387 Peterbuilt Chassis

Attachments2,013fullyloaded04/04/2018 09:17PM

Allis chalmers 200

1,086tdoug64@aol.com04/04/2018 08:16PM

Complete riverside 640 Ih engine

1,442Dairy blend04/04/2018 01:40PM

1976 (Late big axle) 6030

Attachments1,950One_Sweet_603004/04/2018 11:49AM

Wheel weights/billet cylinder head

664gretchenmotorsports04/04/2018 11:31AM

IH DT 570

98966 series nut04/04/2018 10:59AM

48 x 102 trailer with hydraulic ramp door

1,043Paul Marlatt04/04/2018 10:00AM

Columbus Sigma And Three Charger Setup

878Anthony Hart04/04/2018 06:49AM

JD 4455 P.S. 3 scvs 42in Firestones

1,066Larry Anderson04/04/2018 06:45AM

IH 666 puller

1,849gonzo 106604/04/2018 05:59AM

Case heads and cranks

514Case closed04/04/2018 05:23AM

p pump and classic super stock turbo

9221066puller04/04/2018 04:26AM

Shop Cleaning 4 turbos,pump,injectors,transmissions

1,140Dan Mercer04/04/2018 03:49AM

12 IH weights

742TRH04/04/2018 03:07AM


522oldfarmer04/04/2018 02:02AM

Minneapolis to Long Beach enclosed auto or other transport April 7th

103Trulyvintage04/04/2018 01:51AM

P8600 and harts 3by3

690Rd04/04/2018 01:29AM

white 2255

1,061Hydralicmech04/03/2018 11:11PM

Sonny’s hemi

800Benjammin04/03/2018 09:04PM

Ih hubs for sale $500

705Shawn04/03/2018 01:08PM

4890 Case Engine

719Roseypet04/03/2018 01:03PM

Hypermax turbo

763Puller1104/03/2018 12:53PM

ross pistons

943mikey 405504/03/2018 12:13PM

1995 Ford Pulling Truck

Attachments1,852mdouglas7804/03/2018 12:08PM

99 dodge 2500

554bluemonster04/03/2018 11:33AM

13mm ppump and 12 valve Cummins 5x.024 injectors

484Mitchell Kellogg04/03/2018 11:29AM

18.4x38 Radials

Attachments938Ozzy3204/03/2018 11:21AM

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