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How to grow the sport of pulling- part 2

Published 04/29/2016 11:14AM, by Dick Morgan Viewed: 2,374 times

Growing Our Sport
Part 2;
One of the problems is, we the fans of the sport some times have these rose colored glasses that taint our view of what the sport is. The die hard fan can't understand why everyone does not find the sport has exciting as we do. We need to step back and look at how can the shows be made more exciting and faster paced. What worked 10 years ago may now be stale, what kept the fans interest then will not be enough for the new breed of fans that the sport is trying to attract. So lets take a look at what works and what does not.

The biggest problem pulling need to overcome at all levels is the show itself. The shows lack nonstop action, there is to much dead time with nothing going on v...

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How to Grow the Sport of Pulling

Published 04/26/2016 02:29PM, by Dick Morgan Viewed: 1,317 times

Growing Our Sport
As you have seen reported on this website and others, there are a number of folks who are doing their part to promote or “grow” the sport of pulling. I applaud their efforts. All of us – fans, pullers, promoters, sponsors and sanctioning bodies alike should have some stake in this. So that got me to wondering, are there a non pullers that are really fans of the sport? What percentage of people that call themselves fans are really pullers, former pullers or team members of a puller? Is there a fan base to the sport? So the question is, what are we actually trying to grow, and what is pulling competing against for the motor sport fans money. However, before we can talk about growing the sport I believe that we n...

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Keyboard Puller or Fans?

Published 03/30/2016 10:01AM, by Dick Morgan Viewed: 1,062 times

Keyboard Pullers or Fans
Over the countless post I have read on the page the term “key board puller” has been used many times. or that oh so witty phase “what's the name of your tractor”. I guess the term “key board puller” and “what's the name of your tractor” is intended to say, why should you have an opinion, what do you know. But I also read all the time “how do we grow the sport of tractor pulling”. Well the next time you are tempted to write “key board puller” instead write the word “FAN”, because that is what a non-puller is, he's a fan [something sorely lacking] of the sport. We will never grow the sport when we take the attitude that if you don't own a pulling tractor you have no right to an opinion about anything.


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Revisiting My 2012 NFMS Articles

Published 02/16/2016 12:45AM, by Jake Morgan Viewed: 1,086 times

The hollowed grounds of Winter's most prestigious event, The National Farm Machinery Show Truck and Tractor Pull.
Since it's a national election year and we can look back at the candidates and see what they said a few years back I figured I'd look back at one of my own opinion series and see where I've flip-flopped. I'm glad to say that I'm not Donald Trump and I haven't done a complete 180 on my core beliefs (sorry Trump fans, but who he was and who he says he is now don't really make sense... but I digress) I think discussing changes at the Farm Show are especially relevant today. I also think my old articles, whilst riddled with typos and grammatical mistakes are even more applicable today since no changes of significance have o...

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The chages in the 2015 NTPA season

Published 12/16/2014 08:47AM, by Dick Morgan Viewed: 3,839 times

I just had a chance to read Gregg Randall's "Building Boost" article in the 2014 December addition of the "Puller" magazine.

The NTPA has made significant improvements in a couple of the area's that will impact a large number of their membership. At the Regional National level the NTPA will raise the purse by at least $250, and the Limited and Light Pro Stock classes will see an increase of $900 with both classes seeing a purse of $4000. The Pro Stock Diesel 4x4 will now pay down 10 places instead of 12 which will reflect in a $285 increase for those 10 places.

Another change is the reintroducti...

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