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The 2013 NFMS Review

Published 02/19/2013 01:04AM, by Dick Morgan Viewed: 4,304 times

I want to do a “Hit” and “Miss” analogy of the 2013 NFMS.

Hit- Carlton Cope, Carlton was by far and away the “hit” of the show. Carlton’s pulloff against Steve Boyd in the Friday night session was one of the most exciting moments in the entire show.

Miss- The Diesel FWD was another weak show for this class. The class has had three years to get their act together and have yet to produce. While this may be a great class outdoors, unfortunately it doesn’t work well indoors. Maybe it’s time to bring back modified FWD’s

Hit- The announcing crew of Butch Krieger and Dave Bennett did a great job this year putting excitement in a show that was lackluster at best. From B...

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2013 Gordyville Review

Published 01/07/2013 11:47AM, by Dick Morgan Viewed: 5,223 times

Case Power on the Gordyville Track
The 2013 edition of the “Whatssmokin Promotions” Gordyville event is in the books and the show was once again one of the best indoor events the “hooded tractor fan” can find.

Klint and Company have made indoor pulling available to classes that never get a chance to be showcased anywhere else. And once again the “Whatssmokin Promotions” crew put together a track that was a top notch power track, the proof being the three broken axles during the show, and the one during the Wednesday test and tune. With no criticism intended it just proves that Klint gets every HP of the pulling vehicles that hook to the Gordyville surface. And as always the track stays consistent hoo...

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The pulloff numbers at NTPA GN events.

Published 09/13/2012 02:28PM, by Dick Morgan Viewed: 4,231 times

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I started to wonder how often the NTPA has pulloff in all their respective classes. I did a count of the average number of vehicles in each class. The next information that I gathered was the percent of times that each class had a pulloff. Here is a breakdown of the average number in each class, along with the percent of times that each class has a pulloff. I did not use the number from Bowling Green as I believe that BG is a special event that does not reflect the true average of GN pullers.

1; SF averaged 19 per event, they averaged 3 per pulloff, and they had a pulloff in 50% of their events.

2; TWD averaged 20 per event, they averaged 4.6 per pulloff...

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The NTPA 320 pulloff rule- a debacle!

Published 09/10/2012 09:18AM, by Dick Morgan Viewed: 2,744 times

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Tractor and truck pulling is one of the motorsports that really has no finals, no grand finally. Some times pulling looks like a tractor show, not a competition of vehicles where a winner can be easily seen. Face it, some classes with a large number of vehicles become diluted to the point that it just seems to run on and on. While large classes are a plus for the ticket buying fan it also can become overwhelming and confusing to distinguish the class winner. With 20 or more vehicles in a class and if the first pullers goes 299’ and all the rest in the class go 298 or less the show loses it excitement. The NTPA 300-320- Floating finish rule is a debacle. It’s time to make a change ...

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Bumping the Sled for Points

Published 08/21/2012 10:37AM, by Dick Morgan Viewed: 2,458 times

After watching the Unl. Mod class at Bowling Green I started to wonder why a puller has to hook to the sled to get credit for the pull if their vehicle is broke. My issue is that in the Unl. Mod class Brian Shramek had to hook the “Young Blood Unleashed” to the sled and bump it to get credit for the hook, why, what’s the point of having a puller drag their vehicle out to the sled just to move it 2 feet. And this is the rule and not the exception, it happens countless times at any NTPA or PPL event. I think that if a puller is at a multi session event and has hooked to the sled at the first available session and their vehicle breaks they should not have to bump the sled to garner points.

If a LSS puller were to break after the first session at Bowling Green they would have to wait around until Sunday afternoon just to bump the sled. It seems that it would be more beneficial to the pullers [which is more beneficial to the fans and promoters of the next event] if af...

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