Bumping the Sled for Points

Published August 21, 2012 10:37AM, by Dick MorganViewed: 2404 times

After watching the Unl. Mod class at Bowling Green I started to wonder why a puller has to hook to the sled to get credit for the pull if their vehicle is broke. My issue is that in the Unl. Mod class Brian Shramek had to hook the “Young Blood Unleashed” to the sled and bump it to get credit for the hook, why, what’s the point of having a puller drag their vehicle out to the sled just to move it 2 feet. And this is the rule and not the exception, it happens countless times at any NTPA or PPL event. I think that if a puller is at a multi session event and has hooked to the sled at the first available session and their vehicle breaks they should not have to bump the sled to garner points.

If a LSS puller were to break after the first session at Bowling Green they would have to wait around until Sunday afternoon just to bump the sled. It seems that it would be more beneficial to the pullers [which is more beneficial to the fans and promoters of the next event] if after they break they are able to leave the event and head home so they can get a jump on the repairs. There are three things wrong with the pullers having to hook to the sled after breakage to be able to collect points.

1; It slows the show down.

2; It’s confusing to the fans to see a vehicle hook and only bump the sled.

3; It delays the puller from making repairs for the next event.

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