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National Pulling and the numbers of pullers involved

Published 07/30/2012 05:31AM, by Dick Morgan Viewed: 2,672 times

Pulling isn't a cheap hobby!

I noticed that after I wrote my latest opinion article on some rule changes, the overwhelming response placed money at the top of the list of problems that hinder the growth of the sport. However I believe pulling is really two separate entities. For the vast majority of pullers and fans involved in the sport, pulling is really based more on the state and club level, the vast majority of all pulling is local. However my original article was about ‘national level” of pulling, and after I started to really think about who makes up the vast numbers of pullers I did a little research and looked at the points races in both the NTPA and PPL and somewhat to my surprise the numbe...

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National pulling needs a overhaul

Published 07/16/2012 03:56AM, by Dick Morgan Viewed: 2,381 times

Is it just me, am I really just becoming a cranky old man?I’m already bored with some of the classes that are being run on the national circuits right now. It seems that in most if not all of the national classes there only have 3 or 4 pullers with a legitimate chance of winning the NTPA championship.

Have we set the bar so low that when 5 or 6 vehicles show up for a GN event we think that’s OK? Have we set the bar so low that 5 or 7 pre-committed is OK? Don’t the fans deserve a good show; don’t the promoters need to know that the greatest number of potential customers will see their products?

If we are to be honest, the truth is that once a puller-vehicle misses one hook because of breakage they are for all intents and purpose out of the point’s race. Where is the incentive to drive half way across the country and back again to make every event when you know that you are out of the point’s race? I guess the only hope is to pray that the pull...

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The growth of the LLSS class

Published 05/22/2012 01:00AM, by Dick Morgan Viewed: 3,661 times

The Light Limited Super Stock Class: there's not a more colorful class in all of pulling!
With the continual rise of the LLSS class I have to wonder what the future holds for this exciting and colorful class. Now that Mid-South {a NTPA member organization} has sanctioned the class will this lead to more state members clubs, both NTPA and PPL offering this class in their clubs?

I think that if you take an objective look at other classes within NTPA, PPL and Outlaws you will see that the rise or start of a new class always comes at the expense of vehicles in another class. Case in point is the SF class; the rise of the SF class was the beginning of the slow decline of PS. I know there are fans and pullers ali...

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2012 PPL Champion Tour Championship predictions

Published 04/24/2012 04:08AM, by Dick Morgan Viewed: 2,713 times

My 2012 PPL Champion Tour Championship predictions.

Lets start with the PPL Mod class; this class looks a real free-for-all with such names as Eder, Shelton and Leischner vying for the championship. Throw in the new entry of the Long Brothers and veterans like Scott Tedder and Michael Stewart and this will be one of the most exciting races in the 2012 Champion Tour. However I think that when the season winds down this will be a three-team race between Stan Shelton and Joe Eder and Bill Leischner. And if Joe follows the full circuit the 75th addition will be right at or near the top. Having said that my prediction – Stan Shelton

The PPL Unlimited Super Stock class is once again loaded with some of the very best this class has to offer. With reigning champion Jeff Hirt bringing a second tractor to the class I think it’s going to be very difficult to repeat as the 2012 champion. With the Roberts Pulling team not having an entry in the PPL m...

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My opinion 2012 NTPA championship predictions

Published 04/23/2012 03:51AM, by Dick Morgan Viewed: 2,821 times

On this cold snowy day I’m going to put up my 2012 NTPA championship predictions.
Tomorrow I will be doing my PPL list.

Let start with the Heavy Unlimited Mod class, after one of the most exciting finishes in year, the class once again wide open. However I think that this will be a close race between Dave Archer and Ken Veney. I think that if Brian Shramek where to solely concentrate on the Unlimited class he would be the champion, however with Brian bringing out a new DSS and his attempt to hook in the new Light Unlimited class he may be spread alittle thin for the 6 engine mod. However knowing Brian and the Shramek Pulling Team nothing seems impossible. Another exciting year for the Heavy Unlimited class. My prediction- Ken Veney

Next up is the Modified class. I don’t see any reason that Bret Berg will not repeat as champion in the class, however Bob Jostock and Scott Tedder will not make it an easy race for the “Money Make...

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