2012 PPL Champion Tour Championship predictions

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My 2012 PPL Champion Tour Championship predictions.

Lets start with the PPL Mod class; this class looks a real free-for-all with such names as Eder, Shelton and Leischner vying for the championship. Throw in the new entry of the Long Brothers and veterans like Scott Tedder and Michael Stewart and this will be one of the most exciting races in the 2012 Champion Tour. However I think that when the season winds down this will be a three-team race between Stan Shelton and Joe Eder and Bill Leischner. And if Joe follows the full circuit the 75th addition will be right at or near the top. Having said that my prediction – Stan Shelton

The PPL Unlimited Super Stock class is once again loaded with some of the very best this class has to offer. With reigning champion Jeff Hirt bringing a second tractor to the class I think it’s going to be very difficult to repeat as the 2012 champion. With the Roberts Pulling team not having an entry in the PPL mod class they will be able to spend much needed time on the Supers. The Keener XXX entry is well placed for a strong finish in 2012. However I think that the Gettinger’s have the “Lessons Learned” well positioned for a real strong 2012 season. My Prediction – Frank Keener

The PPL Super Farm class list is filled with who’s who in the sport. Name like Slama, Kutz, Shaar, Wagler, Darnell and Miley the fight for the championship will be relentless. However I think that when the last hook has taken place the race will be between the Slama and Kutz entries. My Prediction –Don Slama

Where do you begin when you try and make a call on the PPL Pro Stock class? Does any class in all of pulling have more potential champions than the PPL PS class? Defending champion Stuart Maize and his “Billet Binder” will not give an inch to the long list that includes Wischmeier, Masterson, Moss& Stratton, Domann, Linder, Stone, Schnitker and the return of the “Green Streak of Steve Boyd. However I think that this class will end up with four teams that have the championship within their grasp. The battle will be between Linder’s, Moss & Stratton, Maize and Boyd. My Prediction – Linder Brothers

The PPL TWD class is a lot like the FWD class and PS class, there are just to many vehicles that have the potential to win the championship. However it’s pretty hard to ignore the 2011 season that Jeremy Nelson and his “Midnight Gambler” Dodge had. They won the championship with an amazing 61-point margin. They won the class 7 times out of 14 hooks, 50% winning percentage in a class filled with some of the best names in the TWD world. My Prediction - Jeremy Nelson

Like the NTPA the PPL Light Super Stock class is short on entries. However unlike the dwindling NTPA’s LLS class the PPL class is gaining numbers. With the Haug family bringing two strong entries to the class this should be a well-fought championship. The wild cards in this class is whether the Haug’s will run the full circuit and can Mike Wilhite keep the “Blue Blazes” NH consistent for the season. 2011 champion Todd Maedge and his “Monkey Mayhem” will still be a force on the circuit and Brent Payne has the potential to garner the top spot. Bob Barbee and “Stormy” along with Sandefur’s “Farmboy Fantasy” will make for some very exciting hooks in this class. Throw in former NTPA puller Jason Irvin and this is a very colorful class. My Prediction – Mike Wilhite

With 16 entries running for points last season the FWD class looks once again to be anybodies game. Sheila Hagedorn and “Gun Powder & Lead” Chevy had a very nice 2011 season. Sheila won the class with a 17-point cushion in a very strong field. However there are a couple FWDs that will make the season a dogfight for the championship. I look for Gary Varner, Jim Bosch along with Steve Clem to make a strong push thru the season. Throw in Jake Zaring and this is going to be an interesting class. My Prediction – Gary Varner

No matter what name you give this class it has become a fan favorite. The pulling fan base is primarily made up of two professions, farming and trucking. The Hot Rod Semi’s fill the bill for the trucking audience. With only four Semi’s running for points in 2011 predicting a champion is not too difficult. It really comes down to Dana Lindsey and “Red Hot & Rollin” and Mike Laribee’s “Shameless”. My Prediction - Mike Laribee

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