Oliver 1850 July 25, 2019 11:52AM
Alright guys I have searched and searched and if I missed it I’m sorry to re start a topic. I’m looking for some information on Oliver frame builders. I’m going to start the process of building an 8.3 1850 most likely doing away with the cast iron tub. I’m trying to get in contact with Marty Abfall also since I’m right here in Columbus. I’ve got a engine located just waiting on PPL to get back with me to make sure I will be aloud to run in hot farm class I know cube limit is fine but not sure with that engine not coming in that tractor. Next option is going to be have custom sheet made to copy a white then they can’t really say much I don’t think. Let me know on what you guys think and anything I’m forgetting!

Re: Oliver 1850 July 25, 2019 01:52PM

Re: Oliver 1850 July 25, 2019 03:11PM
What are you planning on doing to the rear end and transmission?

Re: Oliver 1850 July 25, 2019 03:47PM
Check out Ace Chassis website, there are pictures of an oliver/white chassis on there. Mike does excellent work. Also check with Brad at Maibach Tractor, he has built a few chassis that might work for your application. Are you thinking you want to build a full tube chassis or a rail style?

Re: Oliver 1850 July 26, 2019 12:39AM
there are all kinds of people who can build chassis check around it doesn't have to be a "tractor builder" but it might help sounds like a good direction , I'm with Lewis on this get to work.

Re: Oliver 1850 July 26, 2019 06:03AM
I run PPL. I had to badge mine an Oliver 2150. 8.3 is the replacement for the Herc.
I had haslagg steel build the frame and front end. They have the patterns for the Oliver rears.
I know that Dennis is no longer there but i'm sure that they are still doing them.

Re: Oliver 1850 July 26, 2019 06:07AM
On the chassis I plan on building rails for sure defiantly not a tube. I’ve had couple guys get with me already I need follow up with them when I get some time away from farm and excavation. I have considered keeping the tub if the 8.3 will fit, but I’m giving up a lot of weight placement if I keep it. I got a local certified weld shop who I grew up with that can build probably whatever we think up, as he has already been playing round with front end we will run. I’m hoping after I do some follow up with some guys I can see how there making and welding there plates to mount up for the rails! On the tranny and rear end side i need some input honestly. On 4 digit power I know most likely everything on driveline will need beefed up or possibly changed. I haven’t dug that deep into that part so any info will be helpful there on what you guys think could work and what won’t. I know Oliver isn’t really hot in the pulling world so finding hardened gears could be issue but like I said I haven’t crossed that bridge yet. The original plan was to build a farm stock so we wasn’t going to make it near as hot and try to run the stock parts till we find weak point, but Farm stock around me is getting fewer and fewer and only a handful of tractors showing up, we decided if we are going to spend money might as well pull in a league for points. So taking up to 9500 pd hot farm is going to take a lot more on driveline to keep it to hold we know. Also my dad is main mechanic not me on this so if something I say sounds strange I’m sorry in advance. I’m just putting the ideas and money together and he will be turning the wrench on the tractor. I appreciate all the input and everyone have a good day

Re: Oliver 1850 July 26, 2019 06:19AM
We built our own rail style frame for our tractor for the ‘16 season and have been very happy with it. . I definitely would not keep the factory cast tub frame. You need to call Brad at Maibach Tractor about a trans/rear end setup.

Re: Oliver 1850 July 26, 2019 02:16PM
The way it sounds the tub is defiantly going to go and rails will be fabricated! Thanks for input on helping just make that decision easy.

Re: Oliver 1850 July 29, 2019 04:58AM
I have the rear end/trans combo that you need. Its for sale.
Thought about using it but sticking with planetary rear.

Re: Oliver 1850 July 26, 2019 01:50PM
Definitely do not keep the tub I've seen too many of them break. And I'm not sure if it's even legal to have the cast tubs anyway might want to check into that. I second Brad at Maibach Tractor for the rear end/trans setup.

Re: Oliver 1850 July 27, 2019 11:15AM
i have some nice 2-135, 2-155 sheet metal. 419-571-4553

Re: Oliver 1850 July 27, 2019 01:13PM
Thanks but I’m going to try to keep the Oliver look and it looks like that shouldn’t be a problem. The white was going to be last resort.

Re: Oliver 1850 July 29, 2019 02:52PM
If your interested I have a wedge frame chassis that was built at maibach tractor currently with a 1650 rear but also have a 1850 rear available as well. Need to sell

Re: Oliver 1850 August 08, 2019 02:03AM
pm sent pullnv8

Re: Oliver 1850 August 08, 2019 12:25PM
What gearing does the 1850 trans/rear end have?

Re: Oliver 1850 August 08, 2019 01:29PM
It depends ob how you want to gear it lots of sock options

Re: Oliver 1850 September 30, 2021 01:45PM
Is The Chasis available i have 2 1850s that need tube frames

Re: Oliver 1850 July 27, 2019 01:26PM
how much for white tin?

Re: Oliver 1850 July 28, 2019 12:22PM
I agree on building the frame. But if you’re in Columbus, a visit to Maibachs to talk with him is very much worth it. He has helped so many. He took the time to talk to my Dad and I about a conversion. And he certainly knows how much the components will hold.

As far as gears, Keck Machinery is a great resource for that. I know for a fact he’s made Oliver gears and he’s made hot farm tractor gears if you want to go that route. I wish you the best of luck with the project. That’s awesome.


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