Keystone superfarm March 19, 2023 12:08PM
First off thank you to the Keystone tractor pull committee and all volunteers you people are appreciated by us fans and the pullers for putting this awesome pull on.
Can i ask a question? Why was there a pull off in the superfarm class? Definitely great entertainment for us in the stands but man those 2 tractors running back to back had to be hard on them engines.

Re: Keystone superfarm March 19, 2023 11:09PM
My guess is to eliminate the questions of if the Van Deer Wert tractor let out as it went in the sand. It was a good show for sure

Re: Keystone superfarm March 20, 2023 10:11AM
Either tractor definitely front my point of view (section 11 in the blue seats) didn't let off until both came to a complete track officials definitely had to see it. I was just curious because I don't remember them ever doing pulloffs before.

Re: Keystone superfarm March 20, 2023 11:22AM
while on the subject, congrats to frank payne on the pure luck tractor. i also found it sort of out of the norm. how we could have had a pull-off the first hook payne had i believe almost 2ft . on the 44 reloaded. that being said. to bring both tractors back with heat in the motors that could have caused damage. i know this has been brought up earlier how far do you have to bury the tractor in the sand for a full pull? payne had his tractor up in the sand pile and the 44 reloaded just touched the bottom of the sand pile thus a roughly 2ft. diff. now i suggested that the full pull line should be drawn so that the tractor is just touching the sand then at the position of the sled front a line would be drawn across the track. once the front of the sled went over the line it would be a full pull. no need to wad your tractor as far into the pile like last year where it cost almost $7,000 in smoke tube damage and tractor damage. one other thing who's idea was it to award the winner a cheap $ 10.00 lawn chair at a top pulling event. the keystone committe should at least purchased a nice captains chair to the winner. just my thoughts on a well run show.

Re: Keystone superfarm March 21, 2023 12:44PM
Not sure about Keystone, but with today's laser measurement system, the sled doesn't always take off from the same starting line position. So, one start (0 on the laser) might be a foot or so ahead or behind the start (0 on the laser) of another. Both vehicles could travel 250 or whatever and not end up in the same plane on the track. Not saying this was the issue there, but it could be. JW


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