Entry Level October 05, 2023 04:05AM
Lets see what different folks think from different areas, what would be your ideal starter tractor class along the lines of “farm stock”? Weight amongst other rules. If you were starting a points class with just that info what would it look like?

Re: Entry Level October 06, 2023 11:20AM
Before the 3" turbo rule and radial tires. 466ci HX50 turbos and 13mm pumps. Should of had more color.

Re: Entry Level October 07, 2023 12:44PM
Indiana Pulling League, West Michigan Pullers and Thumb Tractor Pullers have 10 mph realistic Farm Stock classes, if if desire your local pull organization needs to pattern after successful class rules. A few of W. MI pullers also pull with IPL. I am not positive on their weight, think about 12000.

Re: Entry Level October 08, 2023 01:10PM
I've always been curious what farm tractor had a 3" turbo. I had a 6030 and I don't think it had a 3" turbo. Why one weight class? Pace or not? When you go with a cube limit is it like 466 cubes is the limit or the 466 engine is the limit? The variables are the issues that face every class.

Re: Entry Level October 08, 2023 02:48PM
Lets say, pick 3 weight classes focussed on 1960 and newer tractors. What would they be? And basic rules. I think a cube limit means actual cubes, not what it started life as

Re: Entry Level October 09, 2023 04:17AM
7500,9500 and 11000. I can't see why people want to haul anything over 11000. The 7500 is the largest class here. I think it also has the most color. Of course, I'm partial to 9500. Once you get to and over 11,000 the big block Deeres show up. I love the big blocks but they make it tough for others in a non -pace class.

Re: Entry Level October 09, 2023 05:29AM
They run 12500 in southeast Ohio and the Big blocks don't seem to be overly dominant.
Just sayin other brands can and do run with the BBJD's.

Re: Entry Level October 09, 2023 08:28AM
5500 pound utility class 4cyl turbo 18,4x30 tire limit easy to haul and no reason not be a lot of color 250 cube limit would cover every brand

Re: Entry Level October 09, 2023 12:32PM
i was thinking that way also, but with a 4500 so the mini sled has a better chance of having more utilization

Re: Entry Level October 09, 2023 12:54PM
"localpuller", are you wanting to play a hypotethical game with us OR do you want to create a SE PA "farm stock" circuit?

If the later, then you need to define what a "farm stock" is. Because there are way beyond a multitude of definitions for "farm stock" in pulling.

In pure "farm stock" with a reasonable speed limit (such as 5 mph), cubic inch limits does not matter. Does not matter in 10 (farm stock plus) and 15 mph (King of the Hill) classes either.

In my neck of the woods, we have brush pulling 'farm stock" juiced with hot fuel, blowing horrendous smoke column and cranking down the track at the same speed
as national sanctioned classes. I will guarantee you that these highly juiced 'farm stock's" definitely are not doing any farm field work. And lots of "farm stock" variations in between what I have listed.

So what is your definition of "farm stock"? Then we can probably give you some good guidance, especially if you are working to create a local "farm stock" circuit.
In your neck of the woods, you need to have some steel wheel classes too, as the Amish also love tractor pulling.

Re: Entry Level October 10, 2023 09:33AM
Hypothetical, like the guys above mentioned a good idea for a 45-55 utility class. I kind of like that idea. But lets say 95-10500 for weight somewhere in that range, you pick, a speed limit, and 3,000 rpms. We’ll say a class where you dont need to spend 10k on performance parts to be able to compete. Curious who you are because I like the steel wheel amish joke lol

Re: Entry Level October 10, 2023 09:35AM
The utility class is a good idea for sure though something different

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Re: Entry Level October 10, 2023 11:48AM
Well Mark now there’s 3 of us lol!
Lewis and I have talked about doing it but it doesn’t gain any traction 3 tractors in 3 states might have to call it a series

Re: Entry Level October 10, 2023 01:00PM
It would work and give lots of opportunity, KNOW such thing as making a starter using 466s and 619s thats over


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