A twist on a motorsports trend February 06, 2024 02:44AM
Sometimes you have an idea that is so absurd that it's going to be accepted as just plain dumb or absolutely brilliant or maybe somewhere in between

I have been a fan of drag and drive events for a long time. I'm especially fond of Drag Week. During Drag Week I have a screen tuned into youtube to watch the menagerie of vehicles making laps, focusing on the full on 6 second cars that have a trailer hitch to tow their race setup parts. There is intrigue at every level...what cars make it through the week? Can an entry get repairs done in time to make the next stop on the tour?

How do we apply this twist on pulling competition?

How about a tractor parade/drive mixed with a pull?

The rules are simple -
10 mile controlled, paced loop in vicinity of the track...Must complete drive to hook.
Cannot change setup other than add fuel/water and weights
10,000lb competition weight
18.4/20.8/24.5 tires accepted
Safety measures apply
everything else is wide open... puller who completes loop and farthest pass wins, of course.

The combinations are diverse that could win. Theres a segment of the readership of this page that's begging for creativity...here's that jumping off point.

The best part is a parade of slick tractors going through a town making happy, yet subdued sounds with a support vehicle following the group with lights and sirens and signage saying "Follow us to the tractor pull!"

Think it through and fire away. I post this expecting all sorts of responses...at a minimum I hope I've made you think.

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A twist on a motorsports trend February 06, 2024 06:45AM
Not going into rules here, but just thinking geographically where you could make a 5 day, 5 pull week that is not hard on guys with hours upon hours of travel. Eastern Iowa here has multiple NTPA/Badger state/PPL/Tri state, etc facilities that could serve as something like a "drag and drive". Example: Dubuque, Farley, Monticello, Jesup, then back to farley or dubuque.
Although there are more places out east or west where this could be a possibility too

Re: A twist on a motorsports trend February 06, 2024 09:14AM
I wasn't clear in my intent...a single day or two day strructure would likely work best, Say a friday-saturday doubleheader in two towns reasonably close together. Thanks for helping me knock the cobwebs loose Wyatt

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Re: A twist on a motorsports trend February 06, 2024 02:56PM
Sounds like a neat idea. I've also watched the Drag Week and get where you're coming from. But I have different thoughts on how to apply this to pulling.

I think driving the tractors to each event is kinda irrelevant, because tractors were never really designed to be driven on roads like how cars are.

But I like the idea of having a 5 day pulling series. Everyday of those 5 days there would be a pull and when the pull is over for the day, the pullers would have to travel to the next event, being atleast 5 hours away from each event. I think having to pull back to back for 5 days straight would be challenging enough without having to drive the tractor to each event.

To simplify things, I'd only have 1 class. But have a maximum and a minimum of 100 pullers. I'd charge $500 for entry fee so there would be a purse of $50,000.

But most importantly this series would be documented by a producer to make into some kind of video or do a livestream. I think the beer money crew would do well at this.

The class that I would choose is 9500 hot farm. As far as 1000hp+ classes go, the hot farm class has the highest amount of pullers in it than any other 1000hp+ class out there. This class is covered all across the nation so it would be cool to get pullers from all over to compete in the same series. And I also think this class is like the back bone of pulling, it's what keeps the state and regional pulling going strong and without state and regional pulling it'd be hard to have grand national. I think these hot farm pullers deserve more publicity.

I could go on and on about ideas but i should probably stop lol

Re: A twist on a motorsports trend February 07, 2024 12:15AM
The parade of tractors thing doesn't sound appealing to me but its certainly thinking outside the box. However, the 3 day pulling series thing already kind of exists. Goshen, Terre Haute, and Evansville are all back to back to back days. Just make a series out of it.

I think these pulls may have changed dates now but I remember this use to be the case.

Re: A twist on a motorsports trend February 07, 2024 06:08AM
It sounds like a mashup of the presented ideas would be cool. A plow-and-pull challenge if you will.

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Re: A twist on a motorsports trend February 07, 2024 12:30AM
I've been saying for years we should plow for a few hours with our "farm stocks" first, then sled pull lol! Would definitely weed out some of the purpose built sled pullers lol!

Re: A twist on a motorsports trend February 07, 2024 01:46PM
Might look like that high speed plowing they do in Europe.


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