Where are our leaders ?? August 31, 2021 07:02PM
If the free fall of our constitutional republic the past year & a half ,done in the name of a virus , has not alarmed you, then unimaginageable events of this past week should shock you to your core. That being the United States Government abandoning American citizens in a war zone now held & fully controlled by a barbaric band of terrorists who summarily execute people for such things as being a musician. Effectively handing this group ,officially considered a terrorist organization, a ready made group of hostages. At the same time handing the American public a barrage of lies that should turn the strongest stomachs. We can all debate why we were there, did we stay too long, on & on. But the fact is OUR GOVERNMENT HANDED U.S.CITIZENS TO TERRORISTS. Why ? What is the end game here ? I am sick to death of hearing these conservative politicians & talking heads call this a " bungled withdrawal ". I believe there is nothing " bungled" about it. I refuse to buy it. I believe it was planned this way. Not by the old fool in the white house. He couldn't organize a frog jumping contest, but those who installed him could. Let's look at what we're supposed to believe. That if you were planning a withdrawal & had a 4th grade education you' d conclude identifying who was there that needed out & where they were would be step 1. Maybe before even announcing the withdrawal. We're told we don't know who or how many. Is this Disney World ? No, it's a hostile war zone. We don' t know who is there & why ? Knowing you were leaving would you remove or at least destroy billions of dollars of sophiscated weapons, plus 6 hundred million small arms or would you think it better to leave them to these terrorists.? Would you prefer to extract your citizens or your military 1st ? My guess is the 4th graders pick the citizens 1st. Would you prefer to do this from your high tech defensible air field or from a small indefensible one crawling with terrorists ? Again my money says the 4th graders pick the former. No reasonable adult is this stupid. That leaves intentional! Why ? There is even talk of NATO dissolving over this. Folks this can not go on. Instead of firings & resignations these criminals are patting each other on the back. I call on on our elected officials to can the talk show circuit & start recruiting \ informing citizens who think this country is worth saving. This criminal behavior should have millions in the streets of D.C. TODAY protesting this. If not, the social media oligarchs will shut down all critisim as they already did to one mom who lost her son last week & the mainstream news will return to quoting daily covid case numbers while the next disaster is planned. The globalist are no longer on a "slow roll to communism". They are coming like a rocket ship on rails & I fear 2022 will be too late.

Re: Where are our leaders ?? September 01, 2021 12:05AM
Spot on

Re: Where are our leaders ?? September 01, 2021 06:47PM
It gets even better , now some are saying that the real plan is to fill the swing states with Dem voters. Most of the refugees that they are bringing into our country are not the people that helped us.

Re: Where are our leaders ?? September 02, 2021 06:15PM
Of course they aren't. They were left behind to be hacked up like cabbage. Maybe your fellow Americans get lucky & get ransomed out. Then again maybe not. Along your same line of thinking. All these illegals being cartelled across the south border & transported out. On your dime of course. Where they go to is guarded information. How many of them would it take to flip a few of these low population red states ? Like say Wyoming, Montana, the Dakotas, Idaho? That's 2 senate seats in any of them. Governorships, attorney generals. Local prosecutors. We all learned how important those spots are during the 2020 riots. And don't forget it takes 2/3rds of the states to change the constitution. Don't be shocked if some " executive order" comes down before these 2022 midterms that all the talking heads are so sure is going to go red, that make them all voters. Along with a new China virus variant. And remember. The supreme court was nowhere to be found during the 2020 fiasco.


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