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For Sale: For Sale Page Instructions, Tips, Hints, etc... August 23, 2018 01:03AM
Instructions, Tips, Tricks, etc to posting ads

How do I post an ad on the For Sale or Wanted pages?
  • Go to the For Sale or Wanted page
  • You'll see a link labeled "Post a new For Sale Ad" (or "Post a new Wanted Ad"), click that link (It will bring up a new page)
  • In the "Name:" text box enter your name... (if you're a registered user this will already be filled in)
  • In the "Email:" text box enter your email... (if you're a registered user this will already be filled in)
  • In the "Subject:" text box enter the title of the ad... something like... Big Block Ford Minirod
  • In the "Message:" text box enter a complete description of the ad... give all the details you want and a price if you'd like.  Remember this is also the area that you put any additional contact information like your name, home phone number, cell number, email, etc...
  • In the "Spam Prevention:" box make sure you enter the code exactly as it appears in the picture above. (if you're a registered user this step will not be necessary)
  • To attach a photo see: "How do I attach photos to a post or an ad:" on the FAQ page
  • You can "Preview" the ad to make sure it looks good, and then hit "Post Message" and you're all set.
How do I attach photos to a post or an ad?
  • To add a picture to your ad you need to be a registered user. (Registration is free and easy and it only takes a few seconds).
  • Login and follow the directions on how to "How do I post an ad on the For Sale or Wanted pages:", but before you hit "Post Message".....
  • Click the "Attach a file ..." link right above the "Message:" text box.
  • Click "Browse" and select the file on your computer that you’d like to attach.
  • Click "Attach" and your browser will refresh and show the attached file.
  • Click "Attach another file ..." to attach additional files or photos.
  • You can attach up to 10 pictures with your ad.
  • To remove a file simple click the delete button next to the file you’d like to delete
Can I link to a photo on another site or this pages gallery?
Yes, you can link to photos for you ads and posts. Here are a few guidelines for linking to photos:
  • The address of you photo must end in either: .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, or .png (if it ends in anything other than those file types it's not the correct address for your photo).
  • You CANNOT link to photos in your email (we don't have your email password, so we can't see your email).
  • You CANNOT link to photos that have an https address, only http addresses (the "s" part of the address stands for secure and linking to those addresses is usually not allowed).

Why won’t my photos attach?
The most likely problem is the photo size.  Almost all the photos you view on the internet are relatively low quality photos.  Modern digital cameras, cell phones, and tablets create high quality photos that are much too high resolution to view on the internet.  To attach your files you will need to resize them.  A reasonable size is approximately 800-1200 pixels wide, and less than 500 kb (more on that next).

How do I know how big my photos are?
There are two different sizes, Physical Size and File Size, both matter for the internet.
To figure out File Size: in Windows all you need to do is right click on the photo and select Properties.  The photo file size will be listed in the window.  The photo needs to be fewer than 500 kb (500,000 bytes).  If your photo is larger than this you will need to resize it (see below)
To Figure out Physical Size: physical size can be figured out using any photo editing software.  The exact technique will vary depending on your software.  ALL Windows computer have a program named: Paint.  You can open your photo in Paint and simply hit Ctrl+e and it will give you the physical size of the image (don't change the numbers here or it will crop the photo and not resize it).

To resize a photo:
  • Windows Computer - again using Paint, hit Ctrl+w to stretch (shrink) the photo. Click the checkbox for pixels and simply enter a width of 1000. Save the file as a new name and your all set to attach it to your For Sale ad. If you have an older version of Paint and it only lets you shrink by percentages enter something like 30% in both the horizontal and vertical boxes. Hit Ctrl+e again to check the size until the photo is approximately 800-1200 pixels wide (or high depending on the orientation of the photo).
  • Smart phone or tablet - there are hundreds of Free Apps that will resize the photo for you. I just played around with an Android app called Pic Resizer Lite, I'm completely new to owning a smartphone and it only took me a few minutes to resize a photo. It may take some playing around and I'm sure there are better apps out there so you may need to play around to see what works best for you.
Note: Remember to save the file as different copy so you don’t shrink your original!  Remember, simply changing the "zoom" in your photo software does not resize the photos.

How do I contact someone about their For Sale or Wanted ad?
Replies to ads are not allowed on the For Sale or Wanted pages.  Any transactions are private matters and are not carried out through the public forums on PULLOFF.COM.  The buyers and sellers must contact each other directly through any contact information given in the ads.  Hopefully the person posting the ad left a phone number or email address in their ad.  If they didn’t include it in their ad you can look at their username, if their name is a hyperlink (colored... not black or white) you can click on their name it will bring up their email address or their user profile.  You can then contact them via email or PM (Private Message), remember to send them a PM you will need to have a registered username.

How do I edit or delete an ad from the For Sale or Wanted pages?
If you posted the ad while you were logged in:
  • Make sure you are logged in. Click on your ad. At the bottom of the message click "Edit". Change the Subject: to "SOLD". Change the Message: to "SOLD". Click "Save Changes". That will stop any calls or email. If your ad contains multiple items you can also edit your message and remove individual items as they sell.
If you posted the ad when you were not logged in:
  • Email me with the ad date and title and I will delete the ad.

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