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Our Freedoms
After having attended pulls for the last 40 years I have decided that the fans need a “fan bill of right”.I think there are things that every promoter needs to think about when putting on a pull. Having never been a puller or promoter I only have the prospective of the fan, therefore all my opinions come from the fans perspective. If a puller or promoter wants to also list their “bill of right” go for it!

The promoters need to realize that there are a few basic items that ever organization that sponsors a tractor pull will guarantee the fans. I don't believe if it's a huge national pull, or a local brush pull, indoor or out, the fans needs never really change. Here is my “fan bill of rights”.

1: Start on time, I do not want to get to a pull that I expect is going to start at 7pm and find out that they have not even starting building the track yet. I don't want to hear any excuses, just start when you say you are going to.

2: Do not block my view, let me say that one again because that is my number one pet peeve, do not block my view. The fan pay to see a tractor pull, not the side of a roller or scrapper tractor. Get the track equipment off the track and out of the fan vision line.

3: If it's a two track event do not have a drag race, it,s a tractor pull not a drag race. I want to give my full attention to just one track at a time.

4: Good announcing, I don' always need a “big” name announcing, however I want someone that knows the difference between a John Deere PS and a New Holland LSS. Tell me a little something about the puller and his vehicle. If it's a points race event I want to know what position the puller is currently in.

5: End in a reasonable length of time. Most fans do not want to watch more than a 4 hour show. And on that same vane do try and stretch out your show if you have a low turnout in a class.

6: Good lighting for your evening shows. I can not stand watching vehicles go in and out of the dark spots on the track at a evening show. If you don't have adequate lighting, rent some! There are local rentals every where that rent portable lighting. Some rental places that know the local fair/fire
department is putting on a show they will work with them on reduced rate.

7: I want clean rest rooms and food vendors that are reasonable in price and numerous in number so I don't have to stand in line 30 minutes waiting to be served.

This article also has me thinking about another article on “show quality” that I will post next week.

As I stated earlier if a puller or promoter wants to also list their “bill of right” go for it!

Dick Morgan
Independent Pulling News

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