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Published August 26, 2014 01:46PM, by Dick MorganViewed: 3516 times

A couple weeks ago I wrote an article about the five “stake holders” in pulling. Today I think we really need to take a hard look at one of the “stake holders”.

Today I want to talk about the NTPA, while I think that there is many good things about the NTPA the fact remains that there are problems with the organization. I think it's time to have an open and honest discussion on the problems with the organization. I feel fairly confident that within the hierarchy of the NTPA they believer that, IF, there is a problem it's just a blip on the radar. They will say it's just an OFF year for certain of their Grand National classes. However I am having a hard time believing that line of thinking anymore. I believe that if you take a look at their precommitted numbers you will see that they have been declining over the last few years. Their state associations have declined as well. Their membership numbers also. They have lost the loyalty of their some of their members.

One of the obvious answers to the problem is new leadership. The NTPA is in desperate need of a new leader. They need a person that is more connected to the everyday operations of the association. They need a person that knows the names of everyone of the Grand National pullers. They need a leader that visits the office every day, a leader that makes it to the pulls. The days of “working from home” needs to come to an end. They need a leader that is willing to take a chance, to shake things up, they need a leader that is willing to take pulling to the next level. To rethink the entertainment aspect of their shows.

What will it take to get new leadership, I'm afraid that it's not going to happen in the near future. I'm afraid that the ship will remain leaderless. And when there is new leadership will there still be the feeling that behind the scenes the decisions are still being made by the old regime. While I know that a great deal is owed to the present management of the NTPA for their past efforts, that was then, this is now! Winston Churchill brought England though her darkest hours during WW2, yet after the war the people of England voted Churchill out and decided they wanted new leadership. However that brings out the problem with the NTPA there is NO voting anyone out, the NTPA is just the figurehead for WPI. That’s where the real power lies. Everyone complains about the NTPA {including me} when the real issue is with the management team that owns the NTPA. The problems with the NTPA's shows is a different issue. They need to fix first things first!

I will be following this article with one about what I feel needs to be fixed with the NTPA itself.

Dick Morgan
Independent Pulling News


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