The changes in the 2015 NTPA season

Published December 16, 2014 08:47AM, by Dick MorganViewed: 4701 times

I just had a chance to read Gregg Randall's "Building Boost" article in the 2014 December addition of the "Puller" magazine.

The NTPA has made significant improvements in a couple of the area's that will impact a large number of their membership. At the Regional National level the NTPA will raise the purse by at least $250, and the Limited and Light Pro Stock classes will see an increase of $900 with both classes seeing a purse of $4000. The Pro Stock Diesel 4x4 will now pay down 10 places instead of 12 which will reflect in a $285 increase for those 10 places.

Another change is the reintroduction of the Pro National circuit, I'm not really sure what the impact this will have, it appears that these PN events will really just be a higher paying [$1000 more purse money than a RN event] Regional National event, same points. Not really sure why a promoter would offer the PN event versus the RN events, time will tell.

I think one of the new programs/changes that is very positive is the Enderle will now be a two day event. There will be 4 sessions with the afternoon being devoted to a minimum of 10 RN/PN pullers in the Enderle qualifying events. The RN competitors will expand from 12 pullers to at least 50.The 2 evening sessions will feature all 12 Grand National divisions. I really like the idea of bring in all 12 NTPA classes for this prestigious event.

In the Grand National precommitment program the pullers will now be paid for a rainout and there will be an increase for the precommitment pullers that make every divisional hook. It appears like the NTPA will increase their program to the precommitment pullers by $135,000. While I applaud the NTPA I have couple questions.

First, I see that to be eligible for part of the money a pullers has to make ALL the hooks in their classes. With such a disproportionate number of hooks from class to class this seems like a rather unfair burden for some of the pullers that are competing in the those classes that are in more demand by the promoters.

And the other thing I question is where is the $135,000 coming from. Is the NTPA raising entry fees, membership fees. If they are not raising either of those two, did they find a generous benefactor that is donating the money, if not, have they always had the extra $135,000 in their budget and only the purse's that are being offered by PPL and Outlaws forced this move by the NTPA. Either way this is good news for the NTPA and their members.

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