Outlaw parks tires April 28, 2015 08:38AM
Well looks like Vanbeek got their way and got the parks tires kicked out of Outlaw!! Outlaw pulling.com

Re: Outlaw parks tires April 28, 2015 09:27AM
I watched them in Lincoln and was not impressed!!

Re: Outlaw parks tires April 28, 2015 10:39AM
read the note it says you cant use them untill they are available for everyone not just a select few, sounds fair to me!

Re: Outlaw parks tires April 28, 2015 12:17PM
So let's just say Columbus diesel has a new prostock turbo out and just a few have it does that make it illegal?? WAKE UP people this is tractor pulling isn't it the idea for a person to have an advantage????

Re: Outlaw parks tires April 28, 2015 12:37PM
PPL I understand your point, but I also see it from the other side, pulling trends or fads cost a lot of money often times more than an entire class of competitors is willing to spend, if there is a distinct advantage to using a new product (I'm not saying parkes are an advantage) then how can some afford to compete ? Not everyone has the cash to spend on trivial things so holding off on allowing them is maybe in the best interest of the pullers,it will keep tractors on the track and fans in the stands because after all everyone already has firestones right?

Re: Outlaw parks tires April 28, 2015 01:18PM
I cant wait to get to try my first set of 1984 model 8 ply pullers out this year moovin on up like the Jefersons I believe all the cords showing should give me a little extra traction .But after pulling 30 years I am proud I could finally afford a set If I make it to 80 maybe I can grab me up a set of them parks tires easy with the grinders boys

Re: Outlaw parks tires April 28, 2015 03:19PM
Holy moly Columbus diesel has a new prostock turbo out. :-)

Re: Outlaw parks tires April 28, 2015 04:02PM
funny how it was voted on by the pullers to allow parks tires,then in first of may after you bought and paid for a new set ,now cant run them WTF????????????

Re: Outlaw parks tires April 28, 2015 05:51PM
So, are you in the small charger limited pro class, or the large charger limited pro class?

Re: Outlaw parks tires April 28, 2015 11:29PM
First off if you read the outlaw webpage it says if you have any questions call me or call Doug and we will answer any questions you have about the decision. second to the limited pro comment it was never voted on by any classes in the outlaw we are in the limited ProClass and I know it was not voted on in that class . we talk to a lot of people in a lot of different classes everybody's opinion was once they're available then they should be allowed ,but not until everybody that wants a set can get one that is why decision was made that way. Third . I talked to Bob Parks yesterday and he was fine with waiting until there were more tires available he told me he wouldn't have any tires until late June and most of the first batch has to go to the people that invested and if you read the post we are going to monitor it and keep in contact with Bob Parks and as soon as they are available we will then allow them giving everybody an equal chance to get them . Any questions please call me Kurt Van Beek 712-470-1593

Socialism April 29, 2015 12:58AM
That just makes absolutely no sense. Not everyone has the ability to get a set of 10 ply Puller 2000s, as they are not made anymore and there is a limited amount still out there. And that is just an example that could be applied to a hundred different scenarios. Where in the rules was it stated that firestone is the only brand of tire that may be used? Changing the rules because someone does something different is extremely sad.

Just like the NTPA banning V8s in the light super while people were building them. That is a joke.

Just like Socialism, “I don’t have what he has, it’s not fair. Take it away from him!” boohoo

Re: Socialism April 29, 2015 03:26AM
To socialism. As far as the 14 ply pullers go not the same scenario you can still get the 14 ply pullers if you're willing to pay form there are sets out there and just because you weren't quick enough to figure out that they worked and didn't snatch up the ones that were available like people who figured it out quicker than you did that's a different scenario than not being available if you want to pay for them

Re: Socialism April 29, 2015 05:35AM
Suppose to be 10 ply pullers

Re: Socialism April 29, 2015 06:13AM
To Pullet -

First off: If everyone in a certain class wanted an equally nice set of 10 plys, you would not be able to find that many good sets for sale.

Secondly: How about the people that were "quick enough" to order a set of Parkes tires and "snatched them up". Why are they being punished. It is the same scenerio as you were describing with the 10 plys.

All that should matter is if the tires meet specs, not who the maker is. If I wanted to go out, invest the money and build a mold, I should be able to run the tire I build. But nooooo, just because one person doesn't get to have it, no one does.

The same theory goes to a custom cylinder head. No one should be able to run a custom head unless the blue prints are out there for everyone else to see. Otherwise, no one would have access to the same head. Dumb.

Re: Socialism April 29, 2015 07:03AM
Outlaws have always been about fair competition that's why we have multiple winners in each class every year. And we just didn't feel it was fair if only a couple people could get them at this time. Per our conversation with Bob Parks as soon as he has tires that are coming over from India that are not sold which could be in the second container or third container we will open it up and anyone with tires that have been bought will then be able to run them we just wanted to make sure the availability of the tires were there for everyone again if you have any questions give me a call. And if any class wanted to outlaw the 10 ply pullers because they weren't available as long as it was unanimous decision by the class the executive board would look at it. LSS Puller please give me a call would like to talk to you about it. Kurt

Re: Socialism April 29, 2015 07:59AM
by the logic implied any improved latest and greatest part that has a waiting list and is the first one to be used no matter if its a whistle a pump whatever in outlaws should be illegal sounds fair to me

Re: Socialism April 29, 2015 07:59AM
You can outlaw a tire with a class vote, but not allow a class vote to run a tire?

Re: Socialism April 29, 2015 08:34AM
All class representatives were contacted and it was unanimous to go with the decision the way it was made. The tires are not outlawed at all they will be allowed to be run once the availability is to be level that they are available to everyone who wants to buy a set. Everyone just needs to be patient and we will keep in contact with Bob and as soon as everyone involved with the outlaws including class representatives and Bob parks feel it is a good decision to allow them to be run they will be allowed to be run. Hopefully that is this year sometime

Re: Outlaw parks tires April 29, 2015 10:36PM
Kurt you must have helped write Obama care what a bunch of crap. Why don't you guys have one tractor per class and you all take turns driving it and see who goes the farthest? What are you going to do when someone makes their own tires and they work great and no one else can have them?

Re: Outlaw parks tires April 30, 2015 01:27AM
Talk is cheap and people can get on here and rag about Outlaws all they want, but they should try to make one of the pulls. Well ran, fast paced, a ton of vehicles, big screen and big crowds. They must be doing something right with all the pulls they have and about 10 new pulls every year. I think some of these negative post are pullers that can't come and pull with Outlaws at these great places and dang good payouts. That and the pullers get on the big screen and on NBC Sports. Outlaws rules are working and that is a giving fact and when times get tuff when we have high fuel or low crop prices that is when Outlaws really shine. Their rules to keep cost down and fair competition help have lots of multiple winners. That along with a great purse that is not top heavy and pays lots of places works. No one can argue that fact except for a hard headed puller that cant come and play because they want to out spend the competition with the lastest and greatest stuff on the market. I look for a banner year again from Outlaws and look foward the the pulls and the TV shows this fall. Great move on this tire issue by Outlaws, and I wouldn't have expected anything less from the best pulling association.

Re: Outlaw parks tires April 30, 2015 01:55AM
So say there are a couple guys running the tires and they dominate their classes and possibly win the championship, who's really the champion Bob Parkes or the guy driving the tractor??? If there is that great of an advantage to these tires it's going to make pulling dull and boring because there will be the same guys continually winning based off of the tires on their tractor NOT on driving skill or mechanical ability to get the job done the way pulling was intended to be .

Re: Outlaw parks tires April 30, 2015 04:13AM
Outlaws have established a nice system of getting the most out of their tractors, making them reliable, putting a competitive class together, all while keeping spending in check (somewhat....and if that is possible). Here is what the tire situation boils down to (much like the turbo situation that all of your classes went through). One guy buys the tires and they go a little further down the track. Now every Tom, Dick, and Harry in the class feels the need to Spend X amount of $$$$ to keep up with the other guy. Some can spend and some can't, but most do. Everyone now has the same tires as the first guy and the "level" playing field is created again. Class parity has been achieved again, etc... The problem is why spend the added money to go the same distance down the track? The casual fan won't notice any difference other than the sidewall on one tire reads Parkes and the other reads Firestone. The only major difference is everyone's bank account is lighter and nothing has changed with the competitiveness of the class.

Again, Outlaws realized this a long time ago and how senseless it is to spend increased dollars to go the same distance or same speed down the track. I pull in the Eastern United States and as a casual observer I commend them for making turbo rules to keep spending in check and yet not sacrifice the quality of the tractor or show. In the end it is the deep pockets who care about themselves rather than the betterment of the class that dislike this decision.

Are the tires better, worse? Who knows.....The only good thing that can come of this is if the tires are of the same quality, same specs, and help to drive cost down due to competition in price!!!

Re: Outlaw parks tires April 30, 2015 04:31AM
To The Point is This -

None of your discussion has anything to do with this decision. It is not about keepin the cost down for a class. As stated above, "Once the tires are available to more pullers, they will become legal. Hopefully later this year."

Secondly, tractor pulling is not about being on an even playing field. It is about ingenuity and thinking outside of the box to gain an advantage. Your reason of thinking is why Nascar is terrible now. Everyone racing the same cookie cutter junk.

You stated, "Again, Outlaws realized this a long time ago and how senseless it is to spend increased dollars to go the same distance or same speed down the track."

If this was the way of thinking, everyone would still be running farm tractors from the 60's.

Re: Outlaw parks tires April 30, 2015 04:45AM
Technology is good.....no problem with it at all. Cookie cutter eh? I imagine you don't own anything from Bamber, GMS, Conner, or Blackburn? Or if you are a diesel puller I suppose you have EFI right, otherwise you would be stuck with a p-pump....1960's technology.

Go pull and have fun in your organization....or if you don't like what the board has decided....go pull elsewhere. No sense in complaining about it!

Re: Outlaw parks tires April 30, 2015 04:44AM
And buying a set of tires is considered ingenuity and thinking outside the box??

Re: Outlaw parks tires April 30, 2015 05:04AM
If you are good with technology, then why are you against the tires? The point is I have the option to run Bamber, GMS, Conner, Blackburn or anyone eleses parts I want. I can take them and make them my own, I can design my own parts, I can do whatever that is within the rules. That is the point, the tires were completely within the rules, yet they were tossed out. And if you think the LSS class throughout the country is cookie cutter, no matter who built the parts, you are crazy.

Parkes was thinkinkg outside of the box and ingenuitive when he built these tires. Taking a risk and buying an expensive set of tires, that no one has run, because you believe they will produce a positive outcome is thinking outside of the box. Not many people would do it, without seeing them perform first. Now, the people that took the risk are being punished.

Re: Outlaw parks tires April 30, 2015 05:45AM
While I agree with you that Bob Parkes is inguenitive I disagree with saying people who buy them are for that reason, people like Conner Bros., Terry Blackbourne, Brian Diekman, Dave and Jeff Geiger and many others of that nature are the main innovators in the sport, and I have no problem with Bob or his tires , they are within the rules but as everyone already knows he's getting more rubber on the dirt which realistically will be an advantage,which is fine but it shouldn't decide winners and losers and season championships because you have guys that are spending thousands on the dyno and on "innovative" parts all to get beat by a set of tires not yet available to them so I think the Outlaws did the right thing in atleast holding off until more is known about the tires future in the sport and the availability,so not bashing the tires or anyone's right to own them just seeing the logic in the decision.

Re: Outlaw parks tires April 30, 2015 06:24AM
If someone were to win a lot of pulls or win a championship, solely because they had Parkes tires and no one else did, then kudos to them. The same kudos I would give someone for being the only tractor in a class with a certain head, block, turbo, intake, whatever.

For all anyone knows the tires suck and they are a disadvantage. I just personally think it was bad decision and sets a bad standard to ban them. Just my opinion, agree to disagree. I neither run with the Outlaws nor want a set of Parkes tires. I like the cut on my new Mitas tires.... Cool

Re: Outlaw parks tires May 01, 2015 10:29AM
A really dumb rule to ban new parts,based on availability,WTF ??? Many guys have one of a kind part they made,bought changed,modified or " tried" with ole farm boy technology,not everyone runs CNC machined parts. The tires have obviously not been proven if only one has them, we have been through this for yrs. when someone builds to the rules with a new thought process and then the rules do not apply. The guys that invested get tires first,for sure, they took the chance.Having a new source should be a good thing,progressive thinkers should not be punished.

Re: Outlaw parks tires May 01, 2015 12:43PM
This is too funny I'll wait for my new mitas 24.5's and show you all

Re: Outlaw parks tires May 02, 2015 01:25AM
This is why Outlaws is growing in both events and pulling vehicles why other associations are going backwards. Called common sense! Keep pushing for anything goes at any cost with these tough farm prices and pretty soon you will just be pulling against yourself. Then you will wonder why promoters do not want you anymore with just your 3 or 4 vehicles in each class.

Re: Outlaw parks tires August 01, 2020 06:36PM
My haven't we came full circle. When are we going to start making tires measure 24.5 and 210inches.

Re: Outlaw parks tires May 03, 2015 06:57AM
Not everyone that pulls farms just because grain prices are low should not change pulling. Stay home if you cannot afford it

Re: Outlaw parks tires May 03, 2015 08:58AM
Yes that will help the sport, what a stupid statement.

Re: Outlaw parks tires May 06, 2015 05:36AM
Shots fired, I repeat, shots fired!!!

Re: Outlaw parks tires May 03, 2015 11:36PM
I bet most that come watch are farmers. So grain prices effect more than you think!

Re: Outlaw parks tires May 06, 2015 05:07AM
The truth is Kurt could not be a dealer for the Park tire, therefore if he can't sell them and make money the tires are illegal period. I suppose if they are not Kaiser rims they are illegal also. If the tires are cut by anyone other than Extreme, are they legal?

Re: Outlaw parks tires - to prostock puller May 06, 2015 07:57AM
Prostock Puller did you talk at all to your class representative if in fact you are a prostock puller in the Outlaws? I am sorry you feel the way you do but this was not a decision by Extreme Performance Tire Cutting what so ever. The decision was made by each class whether or not to allow the tire in and after discussion Doug Roberts, Kurt Van Beek, and Bob Parks all agreed to not allow them until they were available to everyone. This does not make them illegal at all. I Taylor at Extreme Performance have had absolutely nothing to do with the decision. As far as your statement about Keizer Wheels or to you (Kaiser) and if there not cut by me being illegal im sorry you feel that way. I am fortunate enough to have a lot of business from the Outlaws which I am very thankful for. Not everyone in the Outlaws comes to me to get there tires cut and thats fine. I have supported the Outlaws for quite some time by pulling, promoting them and sponsoring them and they have supported me as well. Now I am not bias on the Outlaws, we enjoy pulling and having customers in every organization.

Re: Outlaw parks tires - to prostock puller May 06, 2015 01:32PM
I dought prostock puller is a outlaw puller or even has a prostock. Most all prostock pullers would not be on here running there mouth.


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