Chizek/Blackbourns January 29, 2019 05:22AM
Any word on who's going to drive the lights? Any word on whether the heavies are changing power plants to adjust to NTPA or just running PPL?

Re: Chizek/Blackbourns January 29, 2019 06:42AM
They are running PPL only. I’d guess Terry will drive the light supers in Louisville.

Re: Chizek/Blackbourns January 29, 2019 07:25AM

Re: Chizek/Blackbourns January 29, 2019 08:24AM
Only one Armed and Dangerous tractor is on the list.

Jesse Post
JP Pulling Productions

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Re: Chizek/Blackbourns January 29, 2019 01:09PM
More interested in who's driving the lites this season?

Re: Chizek/Blackbourns January 29, 2019 07:42AM
Terry and Josh will each drive a Light Super in Louisville. A driver is only allowed to drive one vehicle per class.

Brent Yaron
Hooked Up Pulling Productions

Re: Chizek/Blackbourns January 29, 2019 11:33AM
Terry must be going to drive halfway then Josh jump on it an go the rest of the way----- FYI: only ONE chizeck tractor on the list !!!! Lol

Re: Chizek/Blackbourns January 30, 2019 05:22AM
You guys can keep guessing as for the upcomming summer season as to who and whats going on the track for that team go by what logic suggests then you might have the best idea for now. I will not say anything else since i know whats its going to be

Re: Chizek/Blackbourns January 30, 2019 05:33AM
Well-- la-D-Da, i don't really care either way on any of it !!!

Re: Chizek/Blackbourns January 30, 2019 05:38AM
You can bet your last squirt that Terry an Josh aint doin it for nothing like Korth did or they'd already be gone to !!!!

Re: Chizek/Blackbourns January 30, 2019 06:20AM
squirt,why are you commenting,posting if you don't care one way or the other,try and be more honest.your second post reveals the truth.

Re: Chizek/Blackbourns January 31, 2019 11:00AM
Just show's how some people on here think they know it all. Not!!!

Re: Chizek/Blackbourns January 31, 2019 03:58AM
Wow AJ knows all the info,, really who cares !

Re: Chizek/Blackbourns January 31, 2019 05:31AM
I care. That's why I asked. If you don't, then move along.

Re: Chizek/Blackbourns January 31, 2019 06:41AM
The one thing that has always made me curious about builders who are drivers, or drivers who are builders (if you like that better), is when does the driving and attending pulls get in the way of production at the shop? How many quality drivers have stepped down to keep the shop business going? I think we see this scenario play out in wet springs too with farmers who are pullers. To me it seems to be a "catch 22" situation where they can test their own products on their machine but does it take them out of the shop 2 or more days? I am not saying there is a right or wrong answer her, its just a curious thought and welcome to any responses.

Re: Chizek/Blackbourns January 31, 2019 11:21AM
I get sucha kick out of all the people with no life or can't do anything thenselves,-- but can negativly discount others,run em down,critize and find fault with other's agenda and choices,that is what is wrong with this PC country,no one takes care of their own business.Why is what others do anyones elses choice?

Re: Chizek/Blackbourns January 31, 2019 07:22PM
Georgee please explane what PC country means??

Re: Chizek/Blackbourns January 31, 2019 12:07PM
The reason why there is this kinda of talk is cause some of the comments made on here are from people that they think just because they go and take pictures or video tape pulls and then they put them online or Facebook they know everything and there experts and half the time they don't know s@$%!!! That's what pisses people off .

Re: Chizek/Blackbourns February 01, 2019 01:54AM
political correct,we all are entitled to tell,say,do what we all want to others if we say it right.seems like everyone is worried about others and not self.We still get to choose and be an individual,-- like it or not.The drivers,-- builders get to pick and choose what they like,do and consider the amount of time put into any sunject,-- like we all can do,no one ele's choice,-- YET ANYWAY !!!!!!!

Re: Chizek/Blackbourns February 14, 2019 03:30AM
If I had to guess, I would not expect the Blackbourns to pull again in NTPA. I think to Terry especially it is such a slap in the face to give so many years of your pulling career to an organization just to have them turn around, change the rules in a class you love, and boot you out. Also the cost of pulling and maintenance of tractors has continually gone up since the 70's, but the purse at the end has not increased that much in NTPA. Sure, Chizek does sponsor, but it's not all about money. Why pull for an organization that does not respect its pullers, who give their whole summers? PPL not only allows more tractors, boasts larger winnings, but it also provides more of an outlet for interviews and recognizes/appreciates their pullers. Just my two thoughts.

Re: Chizek/Blackbourns February 14, 2019 03:55AM
The 903 was never legal. The rule was just never enforced

Re: Chizek/Blackbourns February 14, 2019 04:25AM
I agree that the rule shouldn’t have been enforced, but as it was said they never really were legal, NTPA shouldn’t have opened that can of worms in the first place and as far as where they will run I’m sure will be up to Mike, yes Josh and Terry have committed a lot of time and effort but Mike spent the cash .

Re: PPL? February 14, 2019 05:05AM
Does PPL have identical wording in their rulebook?

Re: PPL? February 14, 2019 05:16AM
I’m not sure on the wording for PPL or if there is any, but at this point it would be in PPLs best interest to leave the rules as they are I’d think .

NTPA February 14, 2019 03:37PM
NTPA rulebook over the years has always stipulated engine to be from a two wheel drive tractor. According to the rules, there was one clause that was a gray area that must have been what some claimed to be legal to allow the 903, which it should not have been. Too bad it took NTPA way too many years to clarify the rule technicality.

All 2019 NTPA classes have received a purse increase. Up to a 34% increase. Guess what class that was for? SSO.

Re: NTPA SSO may be too late February 15, 2019 12:35AM
I believe the GN schedule shows only 6 hooks: Benson x 2, Tomah x 2, and Bowling Green x 2.

The first two of those overlap PPL hooks. I've not seen documentation, but the increase is welcome. It may be too little too late. Unless some of the PPL regulars from last year decide to precommit, those first two may struggle to get 8 tractors. However, BG should get a good amount even without Chizek/Blackbourn and Hirt.

I hope NTPA can get a few more hooks or talk a couple promoters into adding SSO or changing their schedules, but it's now the 2nd half of February.

One event has me shaking my head. Wellington has had decent turnout in the class. I'm sorry they dropped it.


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