farmall H pulling tractor November 21, 2020 09:28AM
so im 16 years old looking to build my farmall H into a pulling tractor im in central ohio and am not around to many people i know about pulling tractors i can repulit engines and stuff but dont know where to start on this thing. i thought about going big at first but dont have the money for that right now. i do have a turbo i can put on it and i can fab stuff really well so im not worried about building a manifold for it. let me know your ideas thanks. and also what class are you guys pulling in?

Re: farmall H pulling tractor November 21, 2020 11:19AM
I would begin by researching pulls in your area and if they have classes that the tractor would fit in. In my area there is an antique club that has 3 or 4 different levels for each weight class. There are engines limitations, tire size and cut and speed limits. I would find what’s available near you get a rule book and find a class that your budget will allow.

Re: farmall H pulling tractor November 21, 2020 11:32AM
I understand bein 16 an all, but if you could swing it the 460 on the foresale page is a good buy and a better option, if you do very much to the H you'll have what their asking for the 460 in it , but its GREAT that your 16 and interested in pulling ( i for one love it that your interested ) if still set on building up the H Lewis would be a great one to talk to, he's on here from time to time and im sure he'll respond when he see's your post.

Re: farmall H pulling tractor November 21, 2020 01:18PM
Welcome to the pulloff page. Great to see some new blood entering the sport. I would not spend a pile of money on the H engine, just make it run as good as the stock engine can. See how others are building weight brackets and hitches and try to improve on them. Enter the antique classes knowing that it will take some time to be competitive. When you decide its time to go for more power buy the 460 and a 301 combine engine. Just my thoughts, best of luck to you.

Re: farmall H pulling tractor November 22, 2020 01:08AM
If your not just set on the H WD45s can be bought cheap and would be a great starter tractor without spending a ton of money a H is not a good choice for any class .But first you will need to decide what classes are offered in your area and pick one where do you live and it does sound like you will enjoy doing a lot of the project yourself not many boys at 16 today knows what a spark plug is .I will be glad to help out if i can and will port and polish a head for what ever you decide on for free

Re: farmall H pulling tractor November 22, 2020 09:58AM
im in the mansfield area for everyone wanting to know i was busy sorry i didnt respond back and i already have the H as i got it as payment for restoring another tractor. and lewis conner i would be 100 % be very thankful for that but would you maybe be able to show me how you do it all if i get it ported and polished i love learning new things and would like to redo the head completely. and lewis can you email me at ive got a couple questions. thanks!!

Re: farmall H pulling tractor November 22, 2020 03:37AM
Depending where in central Ohio you are located, there are several clubs that have antique pulls, such as Marshallville and Sterling, if you could tell us where you plan on pulling we could give you some better advice.

Re: farmall H pulling tractor November 22, 2020 05:38AM
Get ahold of Mike Rettinger in Circleville. I would bet he has spent time on a H.

Re: farmall H pulling tractor November 22, 2020 06:10AM
Get ahold of Mike Rettinger in Circleville. I would bet he has spent time on a H.

Wheeler’s was really something back years ago!!!

Re: farmall H pulling tractor November 22, 2020 09:26AM
I have known Wheeler all of my life. When we stepped up back in the day he was a big help to us with the M. We went several states running it and Wheeler was there running the H. When I was kid my dad pulled all over with a 460 pulling the 5 &7 SS and Wheeler was there running the mod.
My youngest son has ran it a few times and loves it. My youngest daughter wants to drive it also. With the Corona this year that plan did not happen. Hopefully we can do it soon.

Re: farmall H pulling tractor November 22, 2020 10:00AM
im in the mansfield area what clubs are around here?

Re: farmall H pulling tractor November 22, 2020 11:00AM

Re: farmall H pulling tractor November 22, 2020 01:05PM
Walker, I do not know what club(s) are in/around Mansfield.
Two very active antique clubs are:
To your northwest = Maumee Valley Pullers, based from the Wauseon OH area.
To your west = Darke County TPA, based from Greenville, OH area.
Also to your west = Tri State Antique Points Pullers, based from Fort Wayne, IN area. Tractors come from IN, MI & OH.
I believe each of those clubs have a website &/or facebook.

That 460, as suggested above, appears to be quite the tractor.
But if needing to start from scratch, with a tight budget, I like Lewis' suggestion of the WC / WD / WD45. Those engines are gruelly workers. And already in a lightweight stock chassis. The Fords compete well, too, in those same classes. Unlike the H's I have seen.

Re: farmall H pulling tractor November 22, 2020 11:25PM
If you are in the Mansfield area, Marshallville is about an hour east of you


Sterling is about 45 minutes east of you, I think they have a FB page, but I was not able to find it.

There is an online listing in the Ohio Farm and Dairy for pulling events, in a normal year there are lots of county fair pulls in your area.


I would not give up on your H, in a 3 mph class a stock H can be competitive, it is all about setup.

As others have said, decide where you want to pull, talk to people who pull there and have fun.

Re: farmall H pulling tractor November 22, 2020 11:58PM
Marshallville seems to be up in the air if they are going to be able to pull anymore (I hope not, good bunch of people.) The group in Sterling is Creekside Pullers and they run the same rules as Marshallville. OSATPA is out of Plain City which would not be a bad run from Mansfield. Also check out Wayne County Truck and Tractor Pullers they have a pull early spring at the Wayne County Fairground in Wooster that would be a good place to get your feet wet.

As other have said, tune it up; lighten it up; get the proper safety equipment and have fun. If you like it, you can decide where to go from there.

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Re: farmall H pulling tractor November 23, 2020 12:45AM
Also Miami Valley Antique Pullers in Fletcher. Pretty nice place there, too and a lot of the OSATPA guys will hook both places.


Re: farmall H pulling tractor November 23, 2020 02:28AM
Lots of good info from good people here! Walker, welcome to antique tractor pulling!

Only thing I have to add beyond what's been shared here is that you need to figure out your budget.

It does not matter if you have a wad of cash or empty pockets, there is a place for you to pull in the antique world.

With all honesty if you fit either of those situations, start out with a well-tuned stock H in the entry class wherever you decide to pull with these great Ohio clubs. Your first investment needs to be wheelie bars and any other safety stuff required at those clubs for the uncut/farm stock/barnyard classes. Some clubs allow weight brackets on the front, others don't for entry level classes, just check their rules.

Get the H ready to run and go pull...and learn. Learn how to read tracks, set tire pressure based on track conditions, weight your tractor for the best balance.
Hook and learn.

From there, build up from being a "competitor" to "competitive." Make small changes that fit the rules and don't break the bank, you'll start moving up a bit, then you'll have to dive into the engine. If your pocket book allows, move on to another tractor that offers performance in more classes. A Super M, Oliver 77/88, AC WC/WD/WD45 and Moline U offer a great return on your investment. The two-cylinders Deeres cost a bit more to perform but when they are right, they are super-tough.

Again, welcome to the sport, and hope to see you at a track in Ohio next summer!

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