Pullers have choices! March 20, 2023 09:22AM
If I go to a restaurant and get a bad meal I may give them a second chance and go back one more time. However I can guarantee you that I will not go back again if I get another subpar meal. There are other restaurants that will give me a good
value for my dollar. Pullers have choices, to complain about rules and do nothing about your pulling choices really give you very little sympathy. I am neither pro or anti union ( I have worked in both environments) however is it time to take the class committee's away from the pulling organization and form an outside committee for each class that truly represents the needs of the pullers? Pullers should not be viewed as subcontractors by the organizations, rather partners in the sport.

Dick Morgan

Independent Pulling News

Re: Pullers have choices! March 20, 2023 10:36AM
Not only do competitors have choices but the fans do as well! Enough fans realize there is other, better run, more fan friendly motorsports to spend their entertainment $ on then maybe things will change! The "same ol show" mentality is not working anymore! Maybe instead of worrying about adding new classes or changing rules, how about they worry about better enhancing the fan experience, work at getting more exposure or God forbid obtaining major league sponsors so the competitors actually have a purse worth pulling for which could possibly lead to better event venues that competitors and spectators deserve!!!

Re: Pullers have choices! March 20, 2023 10:56AM
Pullers are there own worst enemy's. Always wanting to change the rules, afraid to hurt there buddies feelings. There definitely needs to be a committee over the pullers. Outside the box by knowledgeable people with the future best interest for the class at hand.

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Re: Pullers have choices! March 20, 2023 12:29PM
Thank you Dick for editing my post looks so good

Players Union March 21, 2023 02:44AM
I have long argued that pullers need to unionize. Much like there is an NFLPA, mlb, nba etc pullers need to come together and make some demands. That leads to a previous point though that they are their own worst enemy. So what are some things that could change or be fought for. For most purse would be at the top of that list. Other things would include pit access and hauler parking. Some events just aren’t puller friendly as far as how they are treated by the promoter. Concrete pads for scales and drawbar. We can all come up with bad experiences and complaints. The WPI and NTPA could be set up this way where as WPI represents the business end and NTPA the competitors end. If you take a step further and for sake of conversation pullers boycott events you will never get everyone to stick together because some puller out there will say to himself pullers A-J aren’t coming I can notch a win under my belt and get a bigger check than I normally do. Would some events be lost, probably so. That leads into another conversation of quality vs quantity. If you raise purse for instance and certain promoters can’t afford it you lose an event. Now that’s one less run, one less trip and puller attendance will increase at other events. Points races have become wars of attrition of who can make the most hooks. Pullers need to start looking bigger picture beyond their own class and look at the whole.

Re: Players Union March 21, 2023 04:22AM
I hope this is a joke about involving the union with tractor pulling. What a terrible Idea.
The term union and tractor pulling should never be together.
If you want to destroy tractor pulling involve a union.

Pullers have choices! March 21, 2023 05:25AM
For me it's not about the rules as much as it is about the process making the rules. Stop pretending that the pullers have any say.

Dick Morgan

Independent Pulling News

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Re: Pullers have choices! March 21, 2023 08:01AM
The only chance to get pullers to join a union would be to call it something entirely different. Too many have been groomed into thinking that unions are... well, the opposite of what unions are intended to be.

Re: Pullers have choices! March 21, 2023 09:58AM
What makes you think pullers could get together and come to agreement on rules within their own class? ppl Mod situation should clarify that for you!!


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