Cost per run? November 29, 2023 09:40PM
This varies by class, but what is an average cost per pass for different classes? Mods, DSS, USS, PS, trucks, mini, etc?

For experienced pullers, what was the average cost per pass in your class when you started running in that class?

Re: Cost per run? November 30, 2023 01:32AM
I can say that if you take in travel and hook fees, fuel for tractor and hauler, and by the time you stop to get a bite with the family on the way back home. You are Hard pressed to have anything left out of $300 to $400. This is based on an in state pull. Granted, some pulls may be in your back door, which is awesome! But not the norm.

Re: Cost per run? November 30, 2023 02:45AM
We are a two truck pulling team and figure it to be about $800 for a pass down the track even after the winnings and we do most of our own work. We had close to $50k in expenses for the 2023 season this is figuring in upgrades for the trucks, repairs for the trucks and hauler, fuel for trucks and hauler, dyno time, entrance fees/club dues, hotel stays for long haul pulls, ice for the trucks, oil, and any other misc. expenses. We attended 19 different pulls (mainly state level and a couple national) so made roughly 38 total hooks with the two trucks and tallied up just under $20k in winnings including our end of year points checks. If you have sponsorship that can help out a lot to offset the costs.

Re: Cost per run? November 30, 2023 11:27AM
15 years ago A pro stock guy told me they had 3 turbos. One on the tractor one in the hauler and one at the repair shop. He said each pass was about 10,000. I think turbos are more reliable

Re: Cost per run? December 08, 2023 03:23PM
My previous post didn't include cost of puller or maintenance on it. Just the trip expenses. and associated costs to hook.

Re: Cost per run? December 11, 2023 12:06PM
Average cost as a fan: $25 to get in, 50 passes at the pull, equals $.50 a pass!! Little less counting sled resets!!


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