Prediction December 06, 2023 12:56AM
If the economy doesn't implode, within 5 years there will be a new subvariant of the LLSS class when the current version either becomes too expensive for some pullers, or someone finds a winning formula to win 75% of the time. Whatever the new "flavor of the month" class is will then be popular for a little while before someone complains a certaim combo cannot compete.

Why should LLSS be any different than any other tractor class?

Re: Prediction December 06, 2023 01:28AM
I would agree, the big turbo diesels are nearing the 75% mark already (nationwide). I would guess (or hope) we will end up with a 5800-6000# LLSS with rules very similar to what they were 5-7 years ago (3x4 smooth for everyone), and a northern type LLSS 6500-6700lb big charger diesel only class.

Re: Prediction December 06, 2023 06:16AM
Unfortunately I believe that the LLSS class has already gotten out of hand financially ( just my personal opinion) maybe I'm wrong but it was originally supposed to be a affordable starter class that the average working guy could get involved in and be competitive. I guess it is affordable if you compare it to other tractor classes . I understand there is no motorsport that is cheap , but it has gotten out of sight for most of us in the past 10 years that would like to get into the class. Again I don't have a dog in the fight , just my opinion. It's a awesome class and hope to some day be able to afford to get involved competitively.

Re: Prediction December 06, 2023 12:12PM
Just my opinion, but any time you add a bunch of rules to a class, it gets really expensive fast.

Think about the "stepping stone to the super stock class" ....... the Pro Stocks.

How did that work out for saving money?

Limit the amount of turbos............all of a sudden, we need big cubes and fancy heads to make power.

Horsepower costs money.

Re: Prediction December 06, 2023 02:10PM
We have NTPA KPA AND BOB within a hundred miles of each othe the first club that goes with say a box hx60 and agg tires would be packed with tractors thats parked and tractors that cant compete with the high dollars,Any new organization should do some serious thinking on rules JUST SAYING

Re: Prediction December 07, 2023 12:36AM
We should split the alky and diesels and have the llss open and llss diesel class! Spinning

That's how every class starts as "budget friendly" but it neve turns into that so we keep making more "budget friendly" classes.


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