llss December 24, 2023 12:48AM
I know this has been discussed in the past is the llss class any closer or will it ever make it into the farm machinery show does anyone know if the board has ever considered it

Re: llss December 24, 2023 12:34PM
Farm show doesn’t need another single charger tractor class. Especially one where no one can agree on a single rule set

Re: llss December 24, 2023 05:06PM
LLSS isn't just another single turbo class. You can run single or twin turbos, diesel or alcohol fuel, and multiple cubic options. This class has by far the most variety than any other pulling class out there. The fair board would simply have their rules for the class and then pullers would have to obey them. So it doesn't matter that there's constant discussions about rules in this class.

This class would add so much to the nfms, color, mixed fuels, and smaller chassis tractors like for example: ih 560s, ac 180s, and oliver 1600s. Just like the old 5500 super stock. But most importantly this class would give fans in the stands hope that there's atleast one class that is practical for an average working man to build a tractor for. Not everybody owns a big grain farm or business and not everybody has a Dad that pays for everything. Not saying LLSS is a cheap class, but its more affordable and practical than the classes that are currently being pulled at nfms.

But back to the original question, if someone from the fair board is reading this, has adding LLSS ever been considered?

Re: llss December 25, 2023 01:15AM
very well played spectator

Re: llss December 25, 2023 01:47AM
IF llss were to be added to the NFMS, I personally would make an effort to go back to the pull but I fear that it would only take 3 or 4 years for it to fall into the political trap that the happens at the show and the deck would get stacked and some of the really good competitors would be left out and we would get the same tractors year after year because if a competitor didn't get invited it would make for an akward Christmas.

The current winter schedule for LLSS is pretty strong AND you get to pull against everyone who enters instead of who gets invited. Those pulls may not be "The Show" but in my humble opinion the spectator gets to see better competition and you can see all the competitors and the true cream can rise to the top. I would rather see that instead of it's my sandbox, I will invite you if I want.

Re: llss December 26, 2023 02:29AM
In my opinion there is to much arguing around this class to be added. Yes I like the class but seems no one in it or interested in it can agree on rules. Midwest winter nationals needs to run 2 different LLS classes to keep everyone happy and equal. All the other classes they have at NFMS are consistent across the board with rules and only a minor change here or there will make them work together. Yes the color is nice but when you look at the excitement the wheel speed and vehicle speed is not there like other classes. On a short power track like Louisville it might be worse. Like it or not the farm show spectators are looking for fast and exciting Drag race style pulling. JMO.


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