? for pullers: Do limits cost or save money? January 23, 2024 05:38AM
Do limits on pulling parts/accessories wind up saving or costing money in the long run?

Does it make a difference if anyone can make or buy the part as long as it meets specs, vs a puller is required to buy the part from only one or a few approved manufacturers?

What do you think?

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Re: ? for pullers: Do limits cost or save money? January 24, 2024 11:27AM
Turbo limits for us slowed down the horsepower gains which probably saved money short term, long term it made no difference. Turbos became specialized and more expensive, now we all have to have 1 of 2 turbos to be competitive. Before there were several options, sometimes an old cheap used turbo with some trial and error was perfect, now its every year or every other year buying a new turbo. I dont believe that a turbo rule made it less expensive like it was intended, if anything it forced everyone to buy turbos more often but maybe slowed down the advancement of horsepower which possibly saved us money in other ways. Long story short since 2019 when the turbo rule was enforced we are probably 500 horsepower ahead of where we were then so it certainly didn't stop us.

Re: ? for pullers: Do limits cost or save money? January 24, 2024 11:44PM
I'm surprised there aren't more comments on this. This is one of those things that people always say when they are against a limit on something that they already spent money for.

Good limits save money. Bad limits (rules) cost money. Overall I'd say limits save money though.

Jake Morgan
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Re: ? for pullers: Do limits cost or save money? January 25, 2024 05:52AM
You also need people decent enough to tech these limits to keep everyone in check. I think box turbos and limited RPM classes really seem to have grown over the years. I think they keep cost down. Pump limits don't really excite me just for the fact of availability and cost from a rotary to an a pump to a p pump. Allowing or not allowing water a big thing to. You can really open up pandoras box with that, it became evident with a class here in MN. Also cut vs uncut tires big cost difference.

Re: ? for pullers: Do limits cost or save money? January 25, 2024 07:22AM
It sure seems that the classes that have tighter limits are the classes in pulling that are growing the fastest. Nothing wrong with the higher HP, higher dollar classes, its just that growth is slower or nonexistent.

Dick Morgan

Independent Pulling News

Re: ? for pullers: Do limits cost or save money? January 25, 2024 12:53PM
Unfortunately Dick what is happening is the spending in the tighter limit classes is going off the charts. Guys are willing to spend unlimited amounts of money in 700 horsepower classes. It just keeps moving down the line.

Re: ? for pullers: Do limits cost or save money? January 25, 2024 03:09PM
Around here that is exactly what we are seeing. The lower entry level classes with tighter rules i.e. RPM and turbo limits with uncut tires are growing fast while the higher level classes are losing numbers. Some of it might be an organization thing, some of it might be cost, and I know some guys sold off their higher level tractors to go back to pace classes simply because they don’t want to be wrenching on them all the time

Re: ? for pullers: Do limits cost or save money? January 25, 2024 03:02PM
I agree with Jake.
I now wish we had gone the way Europe did with restrictor plates instead of wheel size limits. Slots in the OEM configuration are a good thing, the forward facing ‘slots’ are a dodge of the intent of the rules. Now they are taking one blade at a time out of the inlet. No doubt they could have gone straight to 2 blade wheels, but then they would have missed out on the ‘upgrades’ to 6, then 5, now 4. I’m sure soon to be followed by 3 blade wheels before getting to 2. One is going to be tough to balance, so they may have to stop at 2. They will then probably suggest the restrictor plate so they can go through another development program maximizing the performance from a given restrictor size.

Re: ? for pullers: Do limits cost or save money? January 30, 2024 02:34PM
As we have seen last summer limits arent always about money, its about safety. We got DSS blowing 20ft flames out of the oil pan, turbo's being thinned out and can grenade at any time, also limits sometimes will help numbers, not many people can afford to set a motor on kill and replace it every 3-5 runs. Innovation can still come in limited classes, making more horsepower with what you have is how the whole sport of pulling began.


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