Chaos Fabrication February 16, 2024 01:59AM
With the 2 tractors of theirs at NFMS that were built from September to now; Shelton 1066 and bootlegger, definitely both show pieces by the way - not to mention great turnaround time to complete…. What were the costs on these two , any idea?

Re: Chaos Fabrication February 16, 2024 02:08AM
My dad always said "if you have to ask, you don't want to know"

Re: Chaos Fabrication February 16, 2024 05:32AM
Along the same lines…. I was always told:

“If you have to ask how much, you can’t afford it”

Re: Chaos Fabrication February 16, 2024 12:52PM
my thoughts if you don't ask how would you know what you can and can't afford. May be like the last machine work i had done, i asked for a ballpark and he spouted off if you can't afford it you shouldn't have brought it. my reply well i was bringing cash now you can take a check and pay your own taxes

Re: Chaos Fabrication February 16, 2024 05:33AM
Lots of numbers going around , but I had heard 750 for bootlegger and it is a nice piece but that’s a pile of money to go 37 ft.!

Re: Chaos Fabrication February 16, 2024 02:30AM
I heard that the announcer say that they had over 4000 shop hours in the bootlegger build. 4000*100 per hour racks up a $400,000 labor cost. My bet would be around 1M but other than the labor that is a complete guess. I think it is so awesome that we have this type of money coming in the sport and this level of vehicles.

Re: Chaos Fabrication February 16, 2024 03:14AM
They had to start on it long before September to get 4000 hours in it.

Re: Chaos Fabrication February 16, 2024 07:21AM
They had to start on it long before September to get 4000 hours in it.

I guess that would depend on how many people were working on it and how many cnc machine were running.

Most local garages around me charge $149 an hour for labor to work on your car. I'd say $200 an hour for labor for a custom one-off piece like that would be pretty darn reasonable. That right there puts you at $800,000 for 4000 hours labor

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Re: Chaos Fabrication February 16, 2024 08:47AM
I guess Sheltons wanted less maintenance - but if a new pro is now 1 million, an unlimited mod is still half that? I believe their 2 mods are or were for sale at less than half a million for both!

Don’t get me wrong these new pros are amazing and state of the art in every way and I love looking at them, just wondering…

Re: Chaos Fabrication February 16, 2024 06:07AM
That kind of money is harmful to the sport

Re: Chaos Fabrication February 16, 2024 04:04AM
Heard Bootlegger was 1.1 million. Not sure I see 1.1 million worth of creativity there. But it is a nice piece. Would expect it to make a pass at the big dance for that kind of money though.

Re: Chaos Fabrication February 18, 2024 10:51AM
I don't think all of that high dollar flash is necessary in a pulling tractor. It would be interesting to know how much less a basic looking pulling tractor with a brand new competitive engine in it would cost.

Re: Chaos Fabrication February 18, 2024 11:13AM
Was told by a top builder yesterday that $550k would build a top runner without all the bling

Re: Chaos Fabrication February 21, 2024 12:14AM
Wow. That's a lot of money. But by the same token, it's about half the price of a new tractor with all of the bling. Now the question I still have is what if you took a solid, older pro stock tractor and dropped a new engine in it. How much would that be? Would it be pretty competitive with the best of the best? Would it be that simple or would other upgrades need to be made?

Re: Chaos Fabrication February 21, 2024 10:51AM
I’d say $150k in an existing chassis would build a nice 5.0 pro stock, still would be a fun 15 seconds and load it on the trailer ready for the next night

Re: Chaos Fabrication February 16, 2024 10:37AM
I doubt Shelton’s have the amount of money in their tractors that the bootlegger cost. Now, chaos did a lot of modifying on them, but the base of both those tractors was built by another builder. Period now I could be wrong, but that is just my thought, as neither of their tractors were from scratch builds

Re: Chaos Fabrication February 17, 2024 04:03AM
But there’s one thing to keep in mind….. the guys @ Chaos don’t only build top notch tractors, they will help you too! A lot of times big ticket projects scare the average guy from even asking a shop for help, but they are some of the most down to earth guys & if you have a direction you want to go, they will bend over backwards to help you get there!

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 02/17/2024 04:04AM by Cody.

Re: Chaos Fabrication February 18, 2024 03:59AM
If you put out top notch, state of that art product, then you can charge whatever you want. Proof is there are people that can and will pay no matter what for the best. I work for a performance shop and we build engines from the normal street car to a blown alcohol truck puller engine. The faster you want to go = the more $$$$$ it will cost especially if you want to look good doing it! How long will it take before the big charger pro stock class has less than 10 tractors out there because everyone else is done trying to keep up with the “Bootlegger” type tractors and fall back to the 5.0 class or just flat out quit.

Re: Chaos Fabrication February 20, 2024 01:06PM
Any word on what happened to the new Bootlegger tractor at Louisville? I hope he gets it figured out. However in the mean time the old Bootlegger got it done in dominator fashion.

Re: Chaos Fabrication February 20, 2024 10:36PM
It doesn't really matter the money factor. what matters is a company turning out the work that Chaos does, absolutely beautiful. hats off guys. Chaos crew will get the bugs worked out and move forward. I'd love to know if Jason had lingering thoughts about watching his old ride go #1 Saturday night? if I'm not mistaken the old Bootlegger was a Beckett chassis with Riverside power? IF this holds true still, I can't think of many modern-day pros still running a Beckett chassis?

Re: Chaos Fabrication February 20, 2024 01:56PM
1 to 1.5 million would be what a full custom pro stock is from Chaos. Someone informed me last year that El Nino was over a million…….thats just the tractor too, not to mention the toy hauler, maintenance. Dyno time is probably included in on the price as well.
Thing about Chaos is they have a lot of R&D with mainly Pro Stocks and I’ve seen posts on FB about how they have let those CNC machines run overnight, similar to what Jake said but when you have hard telling how much in CNC machines and your running them overnight that kind of work has to be $$ and part of the whole 4000 hours.

Re: Chaos Fabrication February 20, 2024 02:20PM
One thing I know is they got a lot of money in them tratchers.

Re: Chaos Fabrication February 22, 2024 01:10AM
Does anyone know if Bootlegger will make the truck show in Freedom Hall coming up?


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