NFMS Eval February 17, 2024 02:18PM
Have been coming since 2009.

Best show in atleast 10 years.
- sound was excellent compared to past years
- show moved quickly. Someone must’ve given the TWD class a lecture on not driving out to 150’ to back in.
- New sponsor seemed to add something to it.

- Still too many ProStocks. Get another session of light super rather than letting every prostock that wants to come, come.
- announcers were really good. Anyone west of the Mississippi probably misses Dave Bennet or anyone who knows a little about the tractors out that way.
- Leslie does a great job and adds to the show.

FullPull app was actually pretty neat to watch. Know they don’t want to promote it necessarily, but would have been fun to have some commentary on who the money was on and who the favorites were etc.

Overall, great show and great crowds all week.

Re: NFMS Eval February 18, 2024 08:40AM
I’m going to give them an A+
I heard every word that they spoke and could hear them over the blower motors, I know I’ve have complained the most about the sound but I’ll be the first to thank them for fixing it THANK YOU Fair board

Re: NFMS Eval February 18, 2024 09:29AM
speaker system was great you can hear it better in the lower level than the upper level but still a big improvement. The opening every night was great the signer for the national anthem should teach some highly paid singers how to sign the national anthem.
As far as the pull why do we take 8 twd but 6 super farm. If we take top four from one class then take top four from all classes its Saturday night we can stay a little longer. As far as more light supers who else are you goi g to have that can run with blackbourne yes there w=might be alot more light supers but watching a class where half or more is 50 feet of the lead wouldnt be much good.

NMFS EVAL February 18, 2024 10:03AM
I never agree with people getting upset with premier competition. If you were as dedicated to the sport as Blackbourn is you would be good too.

Re: NMFS EVAL February 18, 2024 11:06AM
im not upset with blackbourne im saying the tractors that are close to bis caliber are at louisville so inviting more would be sub par competition.

Re: NMFS EVAL February 19, 2024 12:24AM
It was a very improved show. Sound system was much better and the closed captioning/leaderboard updates made
following along better if you couldn't understand loudspeakers.
There have been several comments in the past weeks about inappropriate language and innuendo tractor names
being bad for "family" entertainment that is pulling and should be eliminated. What about something that is truly harmful ?
The modified class makes PAINFUL level sound . Brought my best shooting ear protection headset and still couldn't
take the noise. Went out in hallway to watch and still couldn't escape. People with small children everywhere, some with
sound protection some not, harsh language is nothing compared to permanent hearing loss. Replace the modifieds with
whatever class you want.

Re: NMFS EVAL February 19, 2024 12:41AM
I agree 100 percent! An indoor pull is no place for these powerful machines. I really don't care for the 2wd trucks either. They take up the most time getting hooked and ready to go down the track not to mention the extreme noise! Other than that it was a good show.

Re: NMFS EVAL February 19, 2024 10:10AM
I really don’t see why people hate on the twds so bad. It is on of my favorite classes. As for taking so long, I really wish someone would have timed them vs any diesel class and I would say that they are quicker. You don’t have someone out there for 5 minutes squirting two cans of ether in them and I can only think of one “transmission problems” that didn’t make a full pass.

Re: NMFS EVAL February 19, 2024 12:46PM
probably because they have to come out to the 150 ft mark to back up to the sled and then inch back. I have said for a long time the noise they make is not for indoor pulls, I understand it is some guys favorite class but inside the building it is loud I bought ear protection devices for in the shop and use them and i can still hear them very well. Oh and then they sit there at 150 to shift gears which is not quick for some now petro knows how to o it he comes out shifts directly to reverse and quickly backs up i have never understood why they dont get put in by the loader then get carried in and out why not to the sled same with big mods.

Re: NMFS EVAL February 19, 2024 10:34AM
As far as multi engine tractors too loud, just plug your ears. It's only for a few seconds. They are quiet as a mouse compared to Top Fuel drag racing engines!

Re: NFMS Eval February 19, 2024 08:00AM
They did take 8 Super Farms 4 From each night.

Re: NFMS Eval February 19, 2024 03:42AM
As a die hard pulling fan I even caught myself getting a little bored with all the tractor classes. Yes the big mod class is awesome to see but once you have seen one you have seen them all, there is no variety in the class. My favorite class on the summer circuit is the Light Limited Modified’s with the Outlaws. Other organizations like ITPA and MSTPA have very similar classes as well and I would have to double check but I think the rules overlap pretty well. The variety in the class is insane, from Turbine engines, Allison’s, Diesel engines, Turbo LS engines, Ford Tank engines, Turbo BBC the list goes on and I am sure I am forgetting some. It’s been years since fans have seen anything but a hemi go down the track in Freedom Hall and it would be awesome to see Allison’s and turbines indoors again!!

Re: NFMS Eval February 19, 2024 02:12AM
Sound was great this year. Only complaint I have with the new speakers is depending where you sit they block the big screen in the middle. Friday night I was in the upper corner on the finish line. Couldn't see the sand pile so had to watch the screen, couldn't see it with the speakers not a big deal just sharing. Otherwise it was allot of fun and great. Loved all the opening ceremony stuff.

We all have our favorite class. Watching the crowd this year because of comments in the past about classes where people walk out or leave. When the 2 wheelers came up hardly anyone left. The class I noticed with the most people walking out was the pro stocks. Even when the mods pulled I hardly seen anyone walk out. They walked out after the mods when the pro stocks started. No where else can you have your eyeball's vibrate indoors, I love the mod class. It was funny Friday night, I watched quite a few people leave before the pro stock class, then after River Rat ran the crowd leaving was huge. He has an amazing fan base, too bad he had issues.

Didn't time it but I bet the diesel classes took longer than the 2 wheelers between hooks by the time the track was ready, they got hooked up, started, and warmed up, some of them took forever to get wound up and moving. My opinion there are allot of opportunities to shorten up the dead time. Track crew could work the first half of the track before the sled goes back, then the finish line after. Not work the first half, let the sled go back and then work the entire track including the start line again. If they split it in 2 the next tractor could be hooking before, started and ready to go by the time the finish line is done. Seen it several times the next vehicle is ready to line up but they have to wait for the track crew to come back and pack the start line. Also there is allot of time wasted on the award presentations. Yes it is necessary but seems like a very slow process by the time the top 3 are lined up and moved out. The sled has to wait for them to move out before it goes back then you have to wait for the first tractor of the next class to line up and go through it's starting process.

Leslie adds allot to the show with her energy and excitement. I know she has to do Monster Jam on Saturday why don't they find someone to fill in Saturday? Miles and Dan are great but they don't have the excitement and energy she brings. She adds allot to the show and seems to be a void Saturday for the afternoon show and the big show Saturday night.

I did go with a newbie this year. Never been to anything bigger than an antique pull. Thought he'd have a great time. He got bored, his biggest complaints are he couldn't tell the difference between each class, track prep and getting the next vehicle ready took forever, and the dead time between hooks. he said they all looked alike and sounded alike. As a fan that goes everywhere I could see and hear the difference but to a non regular they can't and it gets boring watching 3 to 4 tractor classes that all look and sound alike.

Re: NFMS Eval February 19, 2024 06:40AM
I’m going to echo a lot of what Badgerfan said. The PS class did take much longer between passes. This is where Leslie comes in to fill the gaps. There was zero entertainment between hooks, occasionally there was some music - which is fine, btw. And the mod classes? A think a different sled setting on Saturday night would’ve helped (and a couple other classes too Saturday night).
Look, you build all week for the finals - what was different Saturday night then any other session, other than class selection? It was the exact same show each session!
The sound was MUCH improved - change nothing!
Video and captioning - change nothing!
Loved the class order shakeup from years past!
But let’s be creative between hooks and classes! FullPull is out there-why not grab 2 people side by side and have them on screen picking their favorite to win a gift card or food from concessions or something? Maybe ask a fan to name 10 Pro Stock tractors in :30 seconds for some swag? Get some crowd involvement, which Leslie does, but take it up a notch - and have it ALL sessions!
AND BRING ON IT ON THE FINALS! Have something different - like a known guest singer do the anthem (Remember when Lee Greenwood actually came and sang?) You have a captive audience for 5-6 hours. Yes, it’s all about the pull, but it’s still entertainment!

Re: NFMS Eval February 19, 2024 11:17AM
As much as I like a pro stock tractor I believe 2 sessions would be plenty and take 8 to the finals and add mini rods, they put on a great show at the truck show, and yes I like the light supers as well but it seems that the cold weather gives them fits other than Blackbourn

Re: NFMS Eval February 19, 2024 11:59AM
I also like the idea of mini's, however the logistics of having two sleds at the show would be daunting.
There is no place inside Freedom Hall to store a mini sled and moving one big sled out and bringing in the mini sled would be to time consuming.

Dick Morgan
Independent Pulling News

Re: NFMS Eval February 19, 2024 12:37PM
not to be a great ass here but geez do a little research before that statement, heck not only have minis competed at the farm show at one time they pulled lawn tractors and not what is out there now but some that looked like take off deck and go pulling. i know the world is different but it has be done

Re: NFMS Eval February 19, 2024 12:50PM
Plenty of room for the mini sled, in the corner where they park the tele handler, I’d say Saturday afternoon to start with by replacing the pro’s , and see how it goes, at least that way they wouldn’t have to worry about a quick turnaround, let all the afternoon sessions be one and done

Re: NFMS Eval February 19, 2024 11:32PM
I realize that they used to run minis years ago. I wonder if there's s there room to store the big sled? However I think I'm wrong with my opinion.

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 02/20/2024 12:10AM by Dick Morgan.

Re: NFMS Eval February 19, 2024 11:37PM
How do they do it at the truck show when they run the minis in there?

Re: NFMS Eval February 20, 2024 01:32AM
At the truck show they remove the bottom side chairs on the left side and makes a lot of room but they can’t do that at the farm show

Re: NFMS Eval February 20, 2024 01:34AM
It would park on the right side corner while the minis run

Re: NFMS Eval February 19, 2024 12:37PM
Less pro stocks and add mini rods. Make it so only the top pro stocks get accepted to the show. I think they can swap out a sled pretty efficiently while they do the awards ceremony from the class before.


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