Ol' Busch sled opinions? August 02, 2010 05:49AM
Whats everyones feelings about this sled? As a fan in the stand I feel the sled really seems to hold the quality of the show back. Sat. night in Hardin the light prostock tractors couldnt even get going to put a show on at all. I also noticed at least twice when a tractor would try to take off the brakes would still be set on the sled. How fair is that to that puller? Maybe its just me, but in this current day of race sleds it seems the busch sled is an outdated antique!

Re: Ol' Busch sled opinions? August 02, 2010 06:10AM
ol'busch sled is as good as any, as all mechanical things will cause problems we pull that sled over half of the season now and have not seen the sled broke yet but there always that one pull of the year were all sleds break just so happens it was Hardin. Good job to Daryl & Miss Connie for getting it to make it through the show with the problems it had

Re: Ol' Busch sled opinions? August 02, 2010 06:12AM
Seems to work fine for antiques through just about anything! No comlaints here

Re: Ol' Busch sled opinions? August 02, 2010 06:40AM
The Ruffcorns are great people to work with and do a great job with the sled. It's great to work with people that truely care about the out come of your event. Keep up the good work!

Re: Ol' Busch sled opinions? August 02, 2010 07:24AM
Just had that sled for our fair pull 10 days ago, ran 87 hooks in 4:15, all the pullers had a great time. Had a marginal track due to weather, Darryl did a great job of setting the sled, did not have to reset the sled once. Treats us great. Anything mechanical can and will break eventually, but we have never had any issues.

Re: Ol' Busch sled opinions? August 02, 2010 07:50AM
I've pulled quite a few sleds over the last few years. I have my favorites as I am sure everyones does (Kevin B in the Red is one of my best) but with that said, as long as the sled is the same for every puller, than it is a good sled. Busch is a good sled period, and really nice people too!

Re: Ol' Busch sled opinions? August 03, 2010 12:20PM
I thought tractor pullin was to see how far you could drag the sled not to see if you can out run it.............

Re: Ol' Busch sled opinions? August 03, 2010 01:32PM
Nothing to do with the busch sled but if you like dragging a sled please attend a putt putt antique pull. SORRY

Re: Ol' Busch sled opinions? August 03, 2010 01:45PM
Thank God!!! I'm not alone! I was beginning to think I was the only one who liked to see some speed! I'm puzzled though, why would these guys put turbos on there tractors? I mean you could use that weight over the rear axle to increase traction so you could plow, i mean pull more weight as you would like. It seems as though by your theories a 20000lb non turbo class should actually be a grand national only class correct???

Re: Ol' Busch sled opinions? August 02, 2010 09:32AM
I would like to address the comment about the brakes still being set on the sled when a couple of the tractors began to start. I did notice in one case as well and for a very good reason... The red light was still on and the flagman had not issued the driver a green flag. I have observed the Ol' Busch Sled salvage a pull from the depths of failure by being able to adjust to the weather and ground conditions. Experience and the willingness to adapt to the conditions are the key. Thank you to the Ruffcorns. On the same note I want to give a big thank you to Gary Sobotka. The Red Rock in tandem with the Ol' Busch made a great show at Hardin. Thanks to both sleds. Sincerely, Kevin Stover President Iowa-Missouri Truck and Tractor Pullers

Re: Ol' Busch sled opinions? August 02, 2010 12:02PM
Ok my bad I guess. I just thought that a 6000 lb prostock tractor should go down the track faster than 10mph. I'll remember that when I go to oak grove in a couple of weeks to watch mstpa pull on an xfactor sled.

Re: Ol' Busch sled opinions? August 02, 2010 03:13PM
see them go faster. that sled is old and more prone to breakdown, it has made a ton of trips down the track! It was also made for a different era of pulling so don't be too hard on it, sometimes at local events u just have to take what u can get.

Re: Ol' Busch sled opinions? August 02, 2010 03:41PM
I have pulled on alot of different sleds in Mo. Ka.Ia. Ill. and old busch works as good as any and alot better than some. There are some east of the Missippi that when they drop the anchor you better have your harnace tight or you will take a bite of the steering wheel.( that's pulling it's a race to the end of a anchor)
As far as the 6000PS at 10 MPH the slowest tractor was over 18 MPH.
At one pull this year old bush started so easy I looked back to see if it was back there. MACK

Re: Ol' Busch sled opinions? August 02, 2010 11:38PM
Ok I guess I am wrong then. I will just say that I was not referring to the sled breaking down at all. I understand that mechanical things break, thats just the law of nature. I just felt like a sled pulling like a dead weight for 300 feet slowed a show down and made all the equipment there look poor. I know I wasnt the only one with this opinion, but I guess if the pullers like it thats what matters. I would just think it would be very hard to set your tractor up to pull an ironman sled, and then the next night hook to a boat anchor!

Re: Ol' Busch sled opinions? August 03, 2010 12:37AM
Have hooked to the Busch sled many times over the years and for its age is still one of the best!!! The big problem with the sport now days is noone wants to pull weight, all they want to do is race! All things revolve and advance but, some folks still want to see a tractor pull instead of a race!

Re: Ol' Busch sled opinions? August 03, 2010 02:46AM
Great sled!! Great people!! they care about making the pullers happy and a good show!!!

Re: Ol' Busch sled opinions? August 05, 2010 06:58AM
I have pulled Ironman Xfactor Old Ironsides Redrock and Busch set my tractor up the same for every one

Re: Ol' Busch sled opinions? August 05, 2010 07:16AM
I wish i could pull more sleds that drag all the way down the track. It is called tractor pulling not tractor racing, and i hate having to brace yourself for a 20+mph to 0 in 15 feet or less. Just my opion i think speed sleds are going to end the roots of pulling Farm Stock once again it is tractor pulling not tractor racing.

Re: Ol' Busch sled opinions? August 05, 2010 08:58AM
If you like hard pulling sleds, save yourself the time and money and just hook you tractor to a stump out in the pasture and let her spin. To me that is the same difference. Times change, todays pulling is setup for the race type sleds It is easier on the tractors and is more entertaining for the crowd. If you don't like it, find yourseld a stump.

Re: Ol' Busch sled opinions? August 07, 2010 03:26AM
Track conditions have a lot to do with how much ground speed you can get before you get hit with the hammer, If you are pulling a light weight tractor with the soil pumping under the tires o fthe sled you won't get any ground speed, it is like trying to move a loaded semiin soft ground. I've seen it where the light weights can't move the sled.

160 White 8.3 cummins ,farm stock


Re: Ol' Busch sled opinions? August 07, 2010 05:58AM
Maybe you should get into funny cars if all you want to do is go fast. Drag race pulling is not a reflection of a drivers skill or their ability to balance a tractor. Drag race pulling is about aiming your vehicle to point and trying to not break your neck when the pan trips. A wagon and a stop watch could be used instead of a sled. Maybe we should build a really light weight sled that a 150hp complete stock tractor could get moving 18-20 mph, would be a lot cheaper and a lot more people could afford to pull and fans would love it : if what you say is true.

Re: Ol' Busch sled opinions? August 07, 2010 09:00AM

Re: Ol' Busch sled opinions? August 08, 2010 02:58AM
Why not just go back to the step on sled then. I'm sure it takes alot more skill to drive that tractor down the track behind a pace tractor for a minute or two. If you guys are actually a puller, maybe you should spend some money and keep up with the guys who have the power to pick the sled up and run, if not, find a step on sled and keep on "stump Pulling"

Re: Ol' Busch sled opinions? August 10, 2010 08:35AM
I think the busch sled is great, as long as i am pulling a good sled somewhere else! get with the times, technology moves forward not backward.


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