Shop Ideas and must haves July 13, 2022 01:52AM
Will be starting to build a new shop in the near future. Looking for ideas advice on layout, construction type, door placement, loft storage, living space, air system, lifting devices, etc. what are things you have done or wish you have done in the process. Looking to try to get it as close to right the first time that I can. Does anyone have hydraulic power lift doors inplace of conventional overhead doors? Would like to accommodate for a small airplane in the future. Building will be roughly 60’x80’x18’ in size looking at going conventional wood framing on top of concrete footing. Any ideas, advice, pictures all appreciated. Thanks

Re: Shop Ideas and must haves July 13, 2022 02:38AM
I build barns for a living and the best advice I can give is to build as big as you can afford and have room for,I’m always going back and adding on which always cost more the second time
A 40’ bi-fold would be best for an airplane

Re: Shop Ideas and must haves July 21, 2022 12:50AM
Radiant heat in the floor. Plan lighting like you are doing brain surgery. I always wished I put windows in for some natural light. But I understand the security aspect of it.

Re: Shop Ideas and must haves July 23, 2022 03:03AM
I told myself when I built my I want to heat it in the dead of winter and I wanted to cool it in the heat of the summer and I can. 42 x 56 x 16. I also said i wanted outlets every 8 foot. I also sprayed 1" of foam and put 6" of batt insulation in the walls. I also put 16" of insulation above the ceiling. I opted to put 3/4" osb board on the walls and painted it, that way where ever I wanted to mount something to the wall, it was sturdy and I did not have the metal ribs to deal with. I also ran all my electrical in conduit as that took a lot of preplaning out of running the romex in the walls before they got covered up.

Re: Shop Ideas and must haves July 24, 2022 02:57PM
Go at least 72 feet long, that way you can put a semi and hopper in!Bathroom and a office, and a jib crane with 20ft reach , pull pots in the floor.

Re: Shop Ideas and must haves July 25, 2022 01:50AM
I have ac in say I probably could have done without it in my 30s and early 40s,once I hit say 45 and now into my 50s it sure is nice,I do spend most of my time in my garage.i agree with white walls and ceiling,sure makes it easier to see,I swapped my lighting from flouresent to led,big plus there,also I couldn't believe how much easier it is to see when I painted my floor in a standard floor battleship gray..I'd advise you to plan on aging in it and looking to the future,your vision will slowly change for the worse,your strength will slowly weaken,and your hearing will slowly get worse,that's just life..oh I also have a good sound system for Bluetooth too,I can hear my radio clearly 200 ft from the large doors..

Re: Shop Ideas and must haves September 20, 2022 09:56AM
Look at EPS Building Systems. Have 3 Totally Happy easy to heat and cool plus a 150mph wind rating.

Re: Shop Ideas and must haves November 15, 2022 08:49AM
Living area,,, ONE LEVEL!!
Do NOT do 2 story.
Living area and vehicle garage on one level, and the garage is a buffer for noise and smell between the shop and living area. Also put the mechanicals in the garage.
If no basement, incorporate a storm shelter. It can be a man cave/gun vault/storm shelter.
In the shop.
Yes floor heat.
BRIDGE crane. I have a jib crane with 15 foot arm. You will like a bridge crane much better.

Re: Shop Ideas and must haves November 19, 2022 02:50PM
Make as many things mobile as possible. Toolboxes, welder, lights. No matter how many lights you put on the ceiling, big machines always create shadows. Lights on rolling stands that can be moved work well. The one thing I would never be without in my shop is my forklift. I don’t have an overhead crane, not many things I can’t lift with the forklift, and it is very mobile. If you have a forklift, put in some pallet racking and you can save a lot of space. Floor drain if possible.

Re: Shop Ideas and must haves November 26, 2022 02:43AM
I have a 60x88 building. I put 46’x16’ powerlifting door and I don’t reject it for one second. I’d make it even bigger if I had to do it again. I have in floor heat and my father was pretty concerned about losing heat bc of the the door being so big and a little slow. Takes 45 seconds up and 30 down and I lose almost zero heat when it’s really cold when open. That door will seal 100x better then a roll up door. I’m a 100% Powerlifting door guy. Ryan Writsel


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