Just a driften over you. February 06, 2023 03:08PM
Just seeking opinions. American citizens of all ages, but especially those 50 +.
Did you ever think you would in your lifetime see the day in which the largest communist power on earth would openly float an unauthorized, slow, meant to be seen
by you,( John Q Public, ) over our nuclear sites, military bases, maybe your home, for days. And the U.S.Government response would be allow it to traverse the nation, complete it's mission & then convienitly destroy the evidence ? My answer as a mid 60's relic would be until 2 years ago NO ! Today, nothing surprises me. And I won' t even speculate on it' s purpose, capabilities, or anything else as the possibilities are endless.

Re: Just a driften over you. February 06, 2023 10:35PM
Nothing surprises me anymore other than that we just let things happen, no unity, no grit , no willingness to sacrifice our comfort zone for the better, people better wake up and unite because one man can’t do it alone but millions at the very same moment can

Re: Just a driften over you. February 19, 2023 08:46AM
Worse than that I never thought I would see socialism and communism so openly embraced by such a large portion of our population...those were words that were viewed with disdaine in my youth. That is what happens when distorted history is taught in our universities and historical statues are hidden away. People forget the atrocities of these societies especially when they aren't learning it in school.

S'no Farmer


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