2002 Winternationals Less Than A Month Away (originally posted on 12-20-01)

Published October 28, 2008 05:04AM, by Jake MorganViewed: 1920 times

(originally posted on 12-20-01)

It’s hard to believe that the ATPA Winternations are only about a month away. The event may still be in it’s infancy but I’m expecting great things from the ATPA this winter. Last January’s inaugural event was one of the best first year events that I’ve ever attended. The fact that the event was an indoor event in the middle of winter was even more impressive.

I’m not sure which event I’m looking forward to more this winter the Winternationals, or the NFMS. Both events have a great selection of vehicles, with each event having the upper hand in a few classes, but the ATPA has one thing that the NFMS doesn’t, the interesting seperation of National pullers and Regional pullers.

Now I’ll be the first to admit that it’s not a huge difference in the Twd truck class, you could mix the classes and nobody would look out of place. The difference is a little more noticeable in the Mod class. State/Regional 2-3 engine Mods should be in a separate class from the 4 engine hemi powerhouses like The Dirtslinger and The Sorrento Express. Both classes put on a great show, and I respect the ATPA for recognizing that they will put on a better show in separate classes.

My only request for the event is pretty basic; I’d like to see a few trucks/tractors in a pulloff for almost all the classes. Other than that we can only hope for the best. Minor issues like vehicle or sled breakage are unpredictable and hopefully will be absent from the event, and hopefully last years problems with the ‘Smoke Eater’ will be solved.

With Christmas only days away Winternational tickets would make a great present. Even if the tickets don’t come in time to be under the tree, isn’t it the thought that counts. With the event only a month away I wouldn’t wait too long to get seats or a hotel room, I’d be surprised if there are any seats left at pull time.

The NFMS will have it’s chance in the middle of February to defend it title as the premier winter tractor pulling event. In 2 months we’ll all be able to look back on this winter of pulling and form our own opinions on the premier winter event. But don’t be surprised if the ATPA makes a serious threat to be the best show this winter.

Personally I’m just thankful that there are 2 events in the middle of winter to give me something to think about until spring. I guess I’m also thankful that my wife lets me go when I have so many other things that I should be doing.

Jake Morgan
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