NTPA Light Unlimited class- just an idea June 25, 2013 08:50AM
Larry has posted on the NTPA website that next year they probably make it a 2 engine limit and lower the weight. Hopefully this will get more guys to run the class.

One other idea that is obvious (imho) is also to allow the turbines. I read that the reason they were disallowed is that in an "unlimited" class there may guys running 3 t-64s at 6200 lbs. Now that it appears that it's going to be a limited class in 2014, similiar to the old 5 mod in the 80s, why not allow the turbines now?
Wouldn't 1 of the 55s or 64s be about equal (in theory) to 2 v8s? There may be some guys willing to run the class if their hairdryers could pull in it. Thoughts?

Re: NTPA Light Unlimited class- just an idea June 25, 2013 12:16PM
Better yet put a rule on the finale drive and make it fair for everybody. You would be able to get the turbines in and still call it unlimited motor wise. It would be easy to regulate and no more exceptions for certain motors. Also you would not have the person who spends the most on there motors on top. You got to get the motors to work with the gear that would decided on. In my book that would be real pulling. Ralph Banners wanted to do something like this years ago to hold costs down. They maybe should have tried it to see how it worked. Thanks

Re: NTPA Light Unlimited class- just an idea June 25, 2013 03:26PM
Wouldn't that just lead to people trying to get more and more RPMs out of their engines? That would be some high dollar engines to withstand high RPMs.

S'no Farmer

Re: NTPA Light Unlimited class- just an idea June 25, 2013 04:02PM
Resurrecting dinosaurs has never been a worth while idea. Those old pullers and tractors were parked for a reason, and should stay that way. And as far as turbines, sooner or later a worn out turbine is going to go off. They should be done away with before innocent spectators pay the price. Creating more chances for it to happen is stupid. They were scraped because they are unsuitable for human flight, yet pullers are operating them in proximity to thousands of people. Those that are still allowed should be FAA certified or park em.

The only way to keep costs down is to stay on the porch. The NTPA should not be trying to get those off the porch that can't afford to. There is no way to integrate obsolete eguipment back into existence. That's what brush pulling is for.

Re: NTPA Light Unlimited class- just an idea June 25, 2013 05:20PM
I think they should take a hard look at using the limits for the Outlaw or Region mods at 5500 pounds. If you could get the same variety of powerplants they have in the current Outlaw class it would make a very interesting class.

As for vent'in, you sound like a jealous hemi guy that's tired of adjusting valves. It's not all "peaches and cream" running a turbine. I have worn out several battery chargers and tripped over many extension cords.

Greg Lussetto

Re: NTPA Light Unlimited class- just an idea June 25, 2013 11:51PM
now don't go picking on the class champion.

Re: NTPA Light Unlimited class- just an idea June 26, 2013 05:16PM
So if turbines should be FAA certified should turbos go through the same type certification? Similar theory, air pushing more air on a shaft. I've seen turbos scatter and get out of the housing. Are the turbine jet dryers that are use to dry tracks FAA certified? No. Are the gas turbines that run generators FAA certified? No. Are the turbines on the hydroplane boats FAA certified? No. What is worn out on these turbines? Just because a hour meter says so? So how many less than 1 minute runs down the track does it take to be worn out? 60 hooks = less than 1 hour past a FAA overhaul. So the engine will blow up a few hours past a scheduled air worthy overhaul time on a hour meter?

It would be nice to see some variety in the lt unlimited classes. Isn't that what made the modified classes fun to watch? Everybody had their own ideas of what combinations would beat the other guy. Dropping the weight down would seem to be the best option and make it a true unlimited class where you could use any engine combination.

Dan Anderson

Re: NTPA Light Unlimited class- just an idea June 27, 2013 08:18AM
What is wrong with 8-71s with overdrive limits on hemis and spread ports like the big mod class
Hemi at 50 percent spread port at 55 , standard big Chevy wide open Allison's with ox blower 1 motor 2 T53-13 on water not sure about the Merlin but somebody knows where set limits on it .3 natural aspirated at 540 ci 1 inline6 on alcohol with 2 pressure changes. I think it would put on a good show and not break the bank.any feedback is welcome ,stan ,leave it at 6000 to balance the tractors right.

Re: NTPA Light Unlimited class- just an idea June 27, 2013 11:18AM
I would be all about building a turbine tractor for that class. I agree with Stan it would make for a great show and it would be a ice class to build for.


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