Buyers beware of TIM WEIBERG July 24, 2009 05:41PM
Just wanted to warn anyone considering buying anything from this guy. Having tons of trouble with getting my parts from him. Ordered and charged for parts on Tuesday 10 days ago, still haven't gotten them yet, and its a 3 day ship time. When I ordered them he told me they would be shipped next morning... however when I called back 7 days later he told me "they didnt get out" until the following monday. Discussed refunding shipping charges.. he wasnt willing to do that, but finally agreed to half of the shipping charges which was NEVER refunded.
Not saying he's bad person and I'm sure many have had good luck but for me its been horrible customer service and he wont tell me the truth or attempt to make it right.

Wouldnt be a big deal if I didnt need those parts right away... he could have told me it was going to take so long and I would have gone somwhere else. I'll tell you this much if it was made right.. I wouldn't be writing this right now. I just want to warn anyone else.. save yourself the aggravation and go with a credible source of parts.

I can't remember the requirements to post comments about a business... think its name and phone no.
Ryan Lutman
7038456300 ext. 1530

Re: Buyers beware of TIM WEIBERG July 25, 2009 04:17AM
This is tractor pulling. I don't care who or what time of the year you call at one time this can happen. They all tell you and everybody else that calls that they can get it done or have it in stock. No is not a word they know how to use. That is why I hate anybody that has the pay half up front crap. 99% of the time Hypermax has had what I called for in stock and shipped right away. I time I got jerked around by them on one part. Ordered gears from dynometrixs once was told 2 months and turned into 18 months. Tractor pulling is big, but not that big so without compitition to sell parts this is what you are going to get. All you can do is pick and choose who you get parts from and try to make your best decision and hope it was right.

Re: Buyers beware of TIM WEIBERG July 25, 2009 04:40AM
I've bought stuff from Tim and was satisfied, come on it's only been 10days, most other places i get stuff from takes 10 weeks. Give the guy a lottle slack.

Re: Buyers beware of TIM WEIBERG July 25, 2009 07:50AM
Not that bad? Maybe not for you, but did you read Ryan's post? He needed the parts rather quickly. Not just whenever. When someone tells you it will be there in two to three days, you expect it to be two or three days. Ten days is not an option...especially when time doesn't allow!

Re: Buyers beware of TIM WEIBERG July 26, 2009 02:17PM
exactly... I don't care that it takes however long to get something either shipped, fixed, made... what have you..and if it is going to take 10days then it takes 10 days. I woulda run up to PA and picked up the parts I needed that day.
My issue here is integrity. I was lied to more than once in this situation, thats what I want others to be aware of. All suppliers are great until theres a problem with an order, then its how the problem is rectified that shows the suppliers true colors. No need to explain further what the true colors are of Wieberg performance are... this is the entire reason for my post.. BTW I still havent received any part of my refund, and frankly don't expect to.. If he would have offered to refund shipping fee's, I would be talking him up instead of down.. but no.. I had to beg to get offered half that. We have our own business too and let me tell you taking $40 up the a## ain't nothin if it makes the customer happy.

Re: Buyers beware of TIM WEIBERG July 27, 2009 01:29PM
I'm another PO'ed puller that is at the mercy of these so called parts suppliers.I dont mind waiting my turn,or getting ordered items a day or so late if there is a good excuse and the supplier gives you a heads up on a delay.But when a guy flat a** lies to you then that pi**es me off.There are so many middle men in this sport its sickening.lot of these parts arent even built in house by these suppliers.They find some hole-in-the-wall machine shop to build parts for them and then jack you in the wazoo when they triple the price to us pullers.Its time to be smarter and stay away from some of these suppliers.EG: a very well known pump/turbo supplier in ohio doesnt build the IH/JD adapter plate for a Tuthill pump on IH/JD motors.Its OUTSOURCED.Then the price is jacked considerably when you buy it.I pd the big buck for one.It came directly from the builder.Do you think I will buy another one from the big supplier?If you think 10 days is bad waiting for parts,I waited from november til may for just an ESTIMATE to have an alky head built from a so called prominent builder in MN! I am waiting for about $3500 in parts now.They were promised in 2-3 weeks from when I sent 3/4 deposit on july 7th.Was told late last week it would be another 2-3 weeks making it 4-6 weeks! Then on top of that,the parts I ordered I was told wouldnt work in my application and the parts I need are abunch more expensive! I know better.I have used them before!What a bunch of BS! I was also told that other customers walked in with problems and they had to come first.What? My money isnt as good as the next puller?Thats not what I like to hear.I have waited my turn,now I would like my parts.They have most of my money and I have nothing. I will give them the benefit of the doubt for a little longer then you may see another post like this one.But then I will put a name to it.I paid up front and I want to go pulling too! Take your money and run...nobody holds them accountable unless we can tell our stories here.I thank the morgans for allowing us to leave feedback for suppliers.

Re: Buyers beware of TIM WEIBERG July 27, 2009 02:29PM
So you wait to order parts till JULY and think you will go pulling this summer yet?
Dream the heck on Clueless One !!!!!!!!
In case you haven't noticed, pulling for the most part starts around June, and June is always 5 months behind January, EVERY year, so June nor July should NOT sneak up on you!!
Have fun whenever you get your superfarm done.



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