Kilgore,ohio September 13, 2020 05:38AM
Was at kilgore last night,been a puller/fan for over 40 years.the pull was great,I'd say fast paced too very little dead time,announcer was good too,no more info than needed,pa system was clear where we were sitting at,good food as usual,in my experience the crowd was very good,vehicles were great turnout too...BUT I have to ask wtf was gene Dunn and singer thinking,look on beer money video of his hook,it was scary,very scary...

Re: Kilgore,ohio September 13, 2020 06:16AM
That could have been way worse! Looking at the video it looks like they only had 4 weights in the weight box. How did that sled operator allow that to happen? Really lucky that Gene was fast enough getting out of it.

Brent Yaron
Hooked Up Pulling Productions

Re: Kilgore,ohio September 13, 2020 07:12AM
Cause the previous class was a 12 500 farm class,then gene..he shouldn't have been hooked to the sled,period.crap like this jeopardizes our sport !!

Re: Kilgore,ohio September 13, 2020 07:16AM
Shouldn't matter what class is before put more weight in the sled

Re: Kilgore,ohio September 13, 2020 01:09PM
The fact that Gene laid on his air horn at the end was absolutely ridiculous especially after someone could have been seriously hurt or even killed. In my opinion they probably told Singer that Gene just wanted to get off the line so they didn’t add the weights and Gene decided he wanted to showboat. Either way just pretty stupid on everyone’s part and they are very lucky

Re: Kilgore,ohio September 13, 2020 03:44PM
To Stupid, can you stop and think for a minute that maybe something malfunctioned, and be Thankful that nobody was hurt. That maybe Gene was Thankful that he was able to get things shut down, and that maybe his horn blow was not intended to be a show boat act but a sign that he was happy no one was hurt. I know Joe Singer and Gene Dunn personally. I can promise you that neither one of these guys would EVER do anything that they feel would jeopardize any life or limb. So be glad it all turned out ok and not be critical of others involved, especially when you have no idea of what really happened you should reserve you "Stupid " comments to yourself. Some people in life simply open their mouths to reveal how "Stupid " they really are. As Jeff Foxworthy always says, you just can't fix "Stupid "

Re: Kilgore,ohio September 14, 2020 11:42PM

You better take a closer look before you spout off about claiming the sled malfunctioned the box topped off probably before 150ft the diver should have gotten out of it at 300ft but doesn’t and has to make a hard left to stay out of the crowd at the end then lays on air horn like he made some incredible pass even though he new there was not enough weights on the sled to stop him. So quit trying to make excuses for a driver trying to show off when he new the sled was light. He put spectators, track crew and sled operator in serious danger and damn lucky nothing happened. And you want to say you can’t fix stupid. facts are facts

Re: Kilgore,ohio September 15, 2020 12:29AM
I think what happened was a perfect storm. The box on the sled hit so hard it bounced off and stayed bounced off which never let the pushdown fully engage. While not weighted heavy enough to stop him he should have still been loaded a lot heavier at the end than he was and that's probably why he wasn't.

Re: Kilgore,ohio September 15, 2020 12:32AM
I forgot to mention notice in the videos the green light on the sled turns off. That's where the box bounced off and didn't keep the switches engaged so the pushdown started to activate but never finished.

Re: Kilgore,ohio September 15, 2020 01:07AM
box was topped out long before 300 ft.track length to bottom of bank was appox 410,based on a 1066 had his front wheels on the bank and was given a distance of that speed,with little weights in box pushdowns are ineffective,due to chain geometry,as truck goes up,hitch does too,lifting pan off the I said in the o.p,theres no reason to unhook a 12,500 farm tractor then hook a prostock semi,on a side note at the top of the bank there is a roughly 15 foot wide path,with a small ledge on the far side and some large trees/stumps with cars parked..there were many hooks in the rwyb class of 330 plus with lots of room to spare.this was all about showboating,plain and simple...and we as a sport wonder why sponsors don't wanto get involved in our sport,they too can watch these vids of this hillbilly b.s happening with a nationalally known vehicle that's easily recognized.better judgement should have been used !!!

Re: Kilgore,ohio September 15, 2020 05:04AM
Patches, that was my thoughts exactly, no matter where the box topped out there was just absolutely not enough weight in that sled for even a hot street semi let alone a prostock.

Re: Kilgore,ohio September 15, 2020 01:18PM
Agree there was not enough weight in the sled but to waste time and load 4-5 blocks at least for one truck and then have to unload them again is unnecessary to allow a Big Rig to make an exhibition pass to give the spectators a show they would not know the difference. The inexcusable actions of a puller acting like an a$$ and showboating when he new that the sled operator was allowing him to make a pass at a light weight trusting that the puller had enough common sense to shut his rig down at a safe distance instead of hammering down on the throttle well passed 350ft. In the video angle from the end of the track you can clearly see the flag man waving the red flag to stop and the driver still does not get out of the throttle. You can also see small children and families running for safety and screaming because of a ego maniac in a 20,000lb big rig has absolutely no common sense to shut it down 250-300ft. And the fact that he actually had the audacity to sit there and lay on his horn at the end is pathetic and shows his true character. And don’t give me this bullshit that he blew his airhorn because he was glad everything was okay because if he gave a damn we wouldn’t be talking about it on hear he would have shut it down at a reasonable and safe distance. Also there should be no blame to the sled operator if he told the driver what they were going to do if anything the operator should tell Gene there will be no next time and refuse to allow him to hook to his sled again on the grounds of ignorance and no respect for public safety and the sled. So put the blame where it rightfully goes and that is the driver and not the sled and operator.

Re: Kilgore,ohio September 16, 2020 05:20AM
Is this the old Butterfly truck? If it is, there is a reason for the air horn at the end. I have been told many times that there are switches that control the air suspension on semis and the horn blowing at the conclusion of the run is to bleed the air from the system to let the truck settle to it's prehook height. Whether the horn is manual or preset, I do not know. Just what I have been told. JW

Re: Kilgore,ohio September 16, 2020 05:58AM
Wouldn't t gf at be illegal,lowering the hitch height back to pre hook height

Re: Kilgore,ohio September 18, 2020 03:23AM
AHAHA, Todd. Welcome to Super Semi Pulling. Yes it is legal because that actually lowers the hitch when the front comes up!! Crazy world we live in.Don't Shoot The Messenger

Re: Kilgore,ohio September 18, 2020 04:58AM
Uh, yeah ok. That's sorta true. There are a few trucks that have a major push down on the front set of tandems. About 50' out you'll see it push, then at the end suddenly settle when the clutch gets pushed in. I am sure that tomorrow I could unearth video evidence of this phenomenon. Has little or nothing to do with front end up and would preserve or even raise the drawbar.

Re: Kilgore,ohio September 13, 2020 01:12PM
Watch the video closer the weight box never topped during the run until the end when he let out and it shot the rest of the way forward.

Re: Kilgore,ohio September 14, 2020 12:38PM
Better watch that video again. That box was topped out at 200 feet. It hit the backboard so hard when the clutch kicked out it bounced back 3 feet.

Re: Kilgore,ohio September 16, 2020 02:27AM
Seen on Gene's FaceBook page he is boasting about this run. Little Man Sydrome.

Re: Kilgore,ohio September 18, 2020 06:42AM
Nobody had a problem with it besides all you jackasses that have nothing better to do than tear somebody down or finding something to complain about. Obviously none of the people posting on here have ever met or said two words to gene dunn before because none of the names or words used to describe him are remotely accurate and absolutely not acceptable. gene is one of the most humble on earth and extremely kind. He does not deserve this. He simply LOVES pulling and pulls exhibition all the time at any pull close to home just to put on a show for the fans with money coming back to him. He is as far from wealthy as it comes but risks his truck and money everytime he decides to go run his trucks just for the love of the sport and the fans.
The fans and especially the kids love his semi and the horn every time he blows it! the crowd always cheers him. so that is why he does it You jerks need to remember Pulling is for entertainment. you are upset at him for entertaining?

Re: Kilgore,ohio September 18, 2020 07:28AM
Nobody had a problem with it besides all you jackasses that have nothing better to do than tear somebody down or finding something to complain about.
You jerks need to remember Pulling is for entertainment. you are upset at him for entertaining?

Reading the replies, people aren't upset at him for entertaining, they are concerned about the safety of pulling that far at that rate of speed. Whether it was a sled issue, puller issue, event management issue (allowing people in an area where they could be vulnerable) can be discussed, but the fact remains that if people were scurrying out of the way, then something was not right.

Re: Kilgore,ohio September 19, 2020 09:22AM
Well said.

Jake Morgan
Independent Pulling News

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Re: Kilgore,ohio September 19, 2020 02:51AM
I havent made 1 personal remark about gene in this thread,or any other !!

Re: Kilgore,ohio September 19, 2020 03:54PM
Regardless of anyone's assessment of Gene or sled guy, it was a very UNSAFE SITUATION for all involved, even is at home, - we don't need any accident in any venue in the pulling world.Everyone likes a long hard fast pull,but it shouldn't' have to be around a corner.



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