FPP October 07, 2020 11:25AM
Rumor was floating around last week at bunker hill that Full pull productions/USA East is retiring and will be no longer. anyone able to confirm that? If so wonder what will come of if NTPA or Lucas oil will be it up. Should be interesting going into 2021 if this is all true

Re: FPP October 08, 2020 03:11PM
Battle of the Bluegrass owner will zip right up there and help out!
I hear he needs a new motorhome.
Fear not !!!!

Re: FPP October 09, 2020 12:55AM
Haven’t seen a post yet on here or their Facebook page but interesting to hear. Hopefully they will provide some insight soon so pullers can prepare for a hopeful 2021 season if a new organization comes into the area and the rules change for what ever class.

Re: FPP October 09, 2020 12:57AM
If you're referring to Tom McConnell he sold out his interest in battle of the bluegrass a few years ago.

Re: FPP October 10, 2020 05:11PM
What’s the price to buy FPP?

Re: FPP October 11, 2020 05:24AM
call that guy from Colorado, he already owns the ATPA name and the blue sky to go with it, he should be interested in another dead horse.

Re: FPP October 15, 2020 10:42PM
Guess rumors are that two people are interested in buying it. Not sure whom but not sure what there is to buy other than the name. Saw they sold the truck and the trailer was leased from carmate so unless they are buying the RV not much to purchase. Wish someone FPP could at least step up and let people know who have contracts with them for 2021 that they would be refunding money. Also be nice to know who’s interested in “buying” it.

Re: FPP two days ago
Why is it your right to know? Business dealings like this go on behind closed doors all the time. Many times to keep any transition from one owner to another...If they are indeed selling...as smooth and painless as possible.

I don’t know all the ins and outs but I do know it’s been a well run, family owned business, and if there’s any official news to report, it will be shared when the time is right...

Just another thought...We just came off of an awful summer, as we all know...Maybe they’re shifting their business plan to continue to be effective in efficient.

Either way...If they’re selling or not...it isn’t the public’s right to know just because they want to know. And if you wanted to know...I believe there’s a number you can call...

Try that.

Re: FPP two days ago
Maybe it would be best to wait for the owner of the organization to clear the air? he has posted often on this page so he can answer when the time is right. he probably doesnt have all the answers yet to let those who need to know, know.

Re: FPP yesterday, 03:05PM
so, yea, always a good idea to keep this stuff top secret!
That way your competitors don't know if they need to just fix and get ready for next season, or if they need to make changes to go run with another group.


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