3 t-64`s in mod class. October 07, 2023 08:21AM
From what I read, walsh`s can now pull their triple T-64`s they have in NTPA mod class!! About time!!!! Does this also mean they can pull the yellow mod with the 2 bigger turbines??

Re: 3 t-64`s in mod class. October 08, 2023 12:59PM
I'm not sure what the HP is on those two engines, if they total less than 9450 HP then yes they can run it.

S'no Farmer

Re: 3 t-64`s in mod class. October 09, 2023 01:45AM
Depends which version they are. The base model should be ok, the uprated ones I don't believe are. I don't have my rulebook to hand to verify if they go off takeoff rated power or continuous operation rated. If continuous numbers are used, they should be good either way.


Re: 3 t-64`s in mod class. October 09, 2023 05:38AM
We asked Don Deane some of these questions in our meeting. He said that there are many versions of that engine, he wasn't sure which version they run. I think that is one reason some people don't like the Turbines, you are basically trusting the owner that they are running what the rules allow.

S'no Farmer

Re: 3 t-64`s in mod class. October 09, 2023 07:03AM
I think that is some of it, people not liking turbines, But, I think they are good for the class as they are something different in a class full of V-8 machines. I also think the 3-T64`s will have a hard time keeping up as it is. I do remember when Gardner Stone brought out 4-T55`s in the mod class and unlimited, now, that tractor is under powered anymore. It might have a chance in todays mod class and I would like to see that happen.

Re: 3 t-64`s in mod class. October 09, 2023 07:36AM

Re: 3 t-64`s in mod class. October 09, 2023 01:42PM
If the twin can’t run with the mods, could it run with the unlimited class? They could have two in each class or all mods. Either way it’s a good call by NTPA.

Re: 3 t-64`s in mod class. October 10, 2023 08:44AM
I am glad the turbines will be given a chance in the mod class. We definitely need some variety. But if the Walsh tractors are currently at the HP limit, and they are not very competitive in the PPL, I doubt they will be much of a threat in the NTPA mod class either. Glad they may come though!


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