New topic November 09, 2023 11:38PM
The page is getting slow! Let’s get something new to talk about!
Any new interesting tractors being built?
Will anyone attempt to build an electric puller in some form?
Something I always wondered about was if a 4wd could ever run off of hydraulic motors at the wheels?
How about the 4cyl diesel mini class is it ever going to take off?
Let’s keep this positive, no need for bashing.

Re: New topic November 10, 2023 01:20AM
Greetings bbailey, I don't think the electric thing is really going to take off anytime soon. As for hydraulic motors at the wheels, I think that you would have to drive them with obviously some form of hydrostatic pump and I do not believe that this could be accomplished with an electric motor. Even with a diesel or gas engine, the hydrostatic drive systems I believe wouldn't work very well in a pulling application. I saw on the news where an electric bus lost its power and caused a severe accident, I just don't think we are there yet with EV's. Who knows, maybe pulling is a better place to start wit the EV evolution??
Best regards, ol pulling buddy! Hope to see you out next year!

Re: New topic November 10, 2023 03:12AM
Very few out there, but there's one EV puller that does pretty well here in the Ultra-Lite/Zinger class. His biggest challenge was making the throttle responsive and not getting 100% torque from zero and just nuking the tires.


Re: New topic November 10, 2023 03:29AM
I've seen that mini on the internet. Do you know of any large scale tractors?

Re: New topic November 10, 2023 03:46AM
None that I know of.


Re: New topic November 10, 2023 04:08AM
I saw some garden tractors too, but they have trouble making weight from what I have seen?

Re: New topic November 10, 2023 04:16AM
Some may. Darren built a Cub Cadet with an electric motor that his son pulls. It does pretty well in I think a 950lb class.


Re: New topic November 10, 2023 02:18PM
Julian Stahl used to run an all battery powered half-pint garden tractor. Here it is in 2012. Not sure how much of that tractor he has left

Re: New topic November 12, 2023 03:53AM
If you think the page is getting slow start a thread on either, WHAT IS A FAIR PAYOUT FOR PULLERS or SOMETHING ABOUT GAMBLING ON PULLING. those have both seemed to be hot button winnter topics in the past that should get things rolling. I agree this page has seemed slow lately. Still enjoy it.

Re: New topic November 12, 2023 01:43PM
Many non nascar series have started doing a lot with hybrid technology. Maybe some crazy rich bored electrical engineer will go to a pull and think they want to spend a ton of money to R&D for the actual towing applications. Lol. Side note: I’m always amused when they describe the electric semis and brag how fast it accelerates. All I ever picture in my mind is loads shifting and falling out when trailer doors get opened.

Re: New topic November 12, 2023 10:19PM
Any new Rules in LLSS? it's about time for those guys to start crying again this winter too.

Re: New topic November 13, 2023 11:30PM
In days past, a few LSS pullers tried blowers in the LSS class. It would be neat if some type of small blower setup could be legal in the LLSS class. Maybe someone would build a Wards LLSS.

Re: New topic November 15, 2023 01:17AM
Julian Stahls tractor was a beast and hard to beat. Forget what exactly was in it but it was fun to watch if you weren't puling against it. If I remember it could give WGTP Unlimited class a run for it's money. I think his son actually built it.

The 4 cylinder diesel class flopped in my opinion. Only 2 that I know of and they constantly fight each other and the rules keep changing in the class. Love Kevin's tractor but the money you would need to build/compete against him at a local level is insane. Now they run them with the blown small block minis and they can't keep up with them. Don't get me wrong there fun to watch but not when there way behind who there competing against. Rumor was there were 2 or 3 more out there being built but I have heard that for the last 6 or so years. Again in fighting and bad blood in a class destroyed it. Just my opinion.


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