11 New Pictures From 1969 M&W Pull At LaPlata,MO January 01, 2011 10:34AM

Thats Elmo Meiners head of M&W with his back to the camera.

I just got out my results for this pull so if this is the 9000 class thats Lucky Ed Miller from Rockport,Ill on the Queen Chabela D-21 which got 3rd out of 27 tractors. He was the only D-21 in the class.The JD with all the smoke may be Jerry Figley? from Carlisle,Indiana.

This is either Bud Baird or Jim Ebelhar from Kentucky.This little 460 with headers really cranked some serious rpms.

This is the Super Chicken M Farmall from Owensboro,KY that really tuned some rpms and sounded great.I'll never know why I didnt take this shot from the front.I some how think that I have more pictures from this pull.

The Allison Team MM's in the MM display area.In those days they were about the only semi hauling pulling tractors.Most came on 2 ton farm trucks.

A 220 AC plowing at the M&W show.I didnt think you would mind if I showed these.

For some reason my scanner will not scan this 2150 Oliver as a color picture.

We had a fat fingered photographer here.

By the way they had a 500 ft long pulling track at this pull.The winning distances were usually 300-400 ft.Even with a mechanical sled they were still running a 6 mph pace tractor. Every tractor there could have went much faster.

If I have any regrets its not going to all the M&W pulls and taking pictures of every puller that was there.I,my brother,and a friend spent 3 days at the LaPlata M&W show and had a great time.It was held on a large farm so there was lots to see and do.We visited with people from all over the midwest.I guess that these shows were held from the 1950's to about 1974 and they always had some great pulling.

Well,thats it for now.I'll save a few pictures for a year from now.Maybe I can find some more by then.Hopefully some of you can get some old pictures rounded up for us to see.There has to be lots out there.

2 New Pics-G-1000 MM Diesel-4020 With 318 Detroit January 02, 2011 01:49AM

Roger Stump from Waterloo,Illinois pulling the 9000 class with a G-1000 diesel against pullers such as Jack Walter,Lloyd Leudtke,Harold McQueen,John Bockwitz,Dick Obermyer,Dan Dean,Curtis Close,Ralph MathisDave Harbage,etc.This picture has never been on here.

This picture was requested.17 year old Randy Vallee? from Farmington,Illinois pulling his late Dads 4020 JD with a 318 Detroit in the 15000 Unlimited class.He got 2nd place.

15000 Unlimited
1st Allison Team UB MM-442'10"
2nd 4020 JD with 318 Detroit -405'8"
3rd Allison Team G-1000 MM-404'4"
4th 4020 JD with 318 Detroit - 362'4"
5th 220 AC -336'11"

Re: 2 New Pics-G-1000 MM Diesel-4020 With 318 Detroit January 02, 2011 12:40PM
thanks for the pictures, and thanks for the memories, there was a 1256 out of ill, his name was tommy thompson, had two turbos, any pictures?

Re: 2 New Pics-G-1000 MM Diesel-4020 With 318 Detroit January 03, 2011 09:57AM
Tommy's still around, I live about 7 miles from him. He's doing well and is retired from farming now. Don't know if he or his boys would have any pictures or not.

Re: 11 New Pictures From 1969 M&W Pull At LaPlata,MO November 08, 2015 06:54AM
The little 460 with the RPMs... was mine. We were not through shelling and Jimmy Eblehar took it with his to LaPlatte... AND the little screamer won and Jimmy took third... then in Feb. the tractor took third in Louisville. We took it home went to fuel injection running nitro/alchy. Ran all year without being beat and the next year won Louisville and the rest of that year unbeaten. Had a world of fun with that baby over the years. Sure glad I found the pic! Morris Eblehar and Gene Bickett got a lot out Super Chicken! Thanks!!!
John Thomas...

P.S... that little thing would turn a hair over 7,000... balanced out... polished... punched/wet sleeved... reinforced bottom... top ring up 60,000 off to keep from rocking over and ripping the side off...

Re: 11 New Pictures From 1969 M&W Pull At LaPlata,MO November 10, 2015 03:27AM
It was before my time but have been told that M&W had a power show sometime in the 60s just north of Washington IN at the Capehart farm. Was curious if anyone on here might have attended or have pictures. Didn't know if they had pulls at all of their shows or not? Thanks.

Re: 11 New Pictures From 1969 M&W Pull At LaPlata,MO November 10, 2015 11:34AM
I pulled in the 9000 lb. class at LaPlata, Mo. driving a J.D.4020. I pulled the sled 496' and got beat by Tom DeClerk who went 504'. Yes, the "good ole days". I also pulled at Gibson City, IL, Atkinson, IL, Capehart Farms at Washington, IN, Gettinger Farms at Sullivan, IN, and Ottumwa, IA. These were all M & W Shows. The previous picture could have been Jerry Phegley of Carlisle, IN. I also remember "Super Chicken". J.D. Thompson of IH fame drove JD's at these early pulls. Sorry no results or pics, just memories.


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