1320 Video Goes to Winser August 24, 2023 12:20AM
If you haven't seen it on Facebook yet, 1320 Video went to the pull in Wisner. And they say there is video coming. Why do I think this is a big posative for the sport? Because you just had a huge Youtube channel that focuses on drag racing, go to a tractor pull. These guys have some great photos and videos. The photos they have on Facebook of Wsiner are great! And it sounds like they enjoyed it. These guys are going to expose the Wisner pull to 3.39 Million people. Yes, 3.39 Million. That is how many Youtube subsribers they have. There are not many people that have that much social media exposure. And yes maybe only 200,000 people watch the video. It's still 200,000 people being exposed. If 1% of those people attend a pull because of it, that's an extra 2000 people attending a pull. There is potential with all of this. I hope Wisner realizes the potential exposure they are going to get and runs with it.

So this bring up another point. Why don't we push the drivers and the machines more on social media. 1320 Video is the the pits, talking to drivers, showing off the vehicles, showing the good and bad. We don't pulling do this? I understand that there are some people already doing this. I hope they continue to do it. But why don't events them selves have dedicated people for doing this. I get the PPL, NTPA, Outlaws, all do this to some extent, but why don't some of these bigger events have guys to go around in the pits to get videos?

Re: 1320 Video Goes to Winser August 24, 2023 01:15AM
I assume that the owner (Kyle Loftis) of 1320 Video went to Wisner himself..He lives in Omaha,Nebraska so it sure wasnt far up to Wisner..Its amazing that he just discovered tractor pulling in 2023..Not knocking Outlaws but if 2-3 engine Mods blew him away,wait until he sees some 4-5 engine ones...Getting 1320 Video at tractor pulls will sure help get some new spectators.

In the past I have gone to several Hot Rod Magazine Drag Week and Rocky Mountain Drag Week events where 1320 does lots of videos....They sure do a great job...In fact Kyle himself was competing with his twin turbo Audi R8 at a Rocky Mountain Drag Week event several years ago...I was at that event but never got a chance to talk to him.

Re: 1320 Video Goes to Winser August 24, 2023 02:02AM
No Kyle. Fred and Scott went.


Re: 1320 Video Goes to Winser August 24, 2023 03:30AM
Get Cleetus there.... Part of the reason why computer controlled mods and trucks are needed.

Re: 1320 Video Goes to Winser August 24, 2023 10:15AM
Get him to Ocala - it's like what - 2 hours from Brandeton to Ocala up the 75?
Been a the drag strip several times and once up to Caperellis- Easy drive

Floating Finish - the German Tractor Pulling Web Show and EU Live Streams: [www.youtube.com]

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