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Proposed Rules: Next Year and Beyond (originally posted on October 1, 2002)

Published 10/28/2008 05:15AM, by Jake Morgan Viewed: 1,935 times

(originally posted on October 1, 2002)

I’ve been holding on to a few new Opinion articles that I’ve written in the past months because I’ve felt that they were either too negative or the timing wasn’t just right to post them. So instead I’ve completely changed gears and I’m going to write about a topic that seems to be very relevant to this time of year: rule changes.

Most organizations, local and national, have their banquets coming up within the next few months and there will definitely be some debate in almost all the classes. So I’m going to throw out some ideas in the next few weeks to give some people some things to ponder.

There area as many opinions about rule changes as there are pullers and promoters. Every puller looks at rule changes with a slight bias. The bias is usually, but is not limited to, the class they pull in, and how a rule change is going to affect them personally. Their first thought, and right...

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Hoseheads New York, Another Summer, Another Exceptional Show (originally posted on August 5, 2002)

Published 10/28/2008 05:09AM, by Jake Morgan Viewed: 2,944 times

(originally posted on August 5, 2002)

This summer has been a very frustrating season as a spectator. I’ve seen a number of sub-par events with only a few exceptions; The ATPA Grand American event at Arcola Indiana was one standout event, as well as the ATPA putting on a good show in Mercer Pennsylvania. There were quality vehicles at both events and very efficiently run shows.

Unfortunately it’s been all down hill since those events. I was counting on the co-sanctioned event between the Empire State Pullers and the New York Tractor Pullers Association in Horseheads, NY to pull my summer out of a tailspin. Luckily, it worked; the Horseheads pull was one of the best events I’ve seen in a very long time. Rick Feicht and Full Pull Productions have put on a great show for the past few years, and he continued that tradition again this summer.

The turnout of vehicles was great, but the quality of the show was exceptional. The pull s...

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The Internet (originally posted on July 4, 2002)

Published 10/28/2008 05:07AM, by Dick Morgan Viewed: 1,992 times

(originally posted on July 4, 2002)

The Internet has become the most useful innovation that has happened in the world of communication since the telephone. In the right hands and with the right usage of the Internet, tractor pulling can gain national recognition and also provide instant updates about events that are taking place around the country. It can also be a tool for dispensing information that is vital to a national sport. On many sites there is frank discussion of topics that are of an interest to the fan. While these sites provide an important function for the fan, puller, and promoter they also have the potential to cause disinformation, distrust and even harm to the sport and to the pullers.

The most recent trend in truck and tractor pulling websites is the message board. Within the past year and a half, almost all related internet sites have added a message board to their page. In the case of this page we have changed our feedback pag...

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2002 Winternationals Less Than A Month Away (originally posted on 12-20-01)

Published 10/28/2008 05:04AM, by Jake Morgan Viewed: 1,918 times

(originally posted on 12-20-01)

It’s hard to believe that the ATPA Winternations are only about a month away. The event may still be in it’s infancy but I’m expecting great things from the ATPA this winter. Last January’s inaugural event was one of the best first year events that I’ve ever attended. The fact that the event was an indoor event in the middle of winter was even more impressive.

I’m not sure which event I’m looking forward to more this winter the Winternationals, or the NFMS. Both events have a great selection of vehicles, with each event having the upper hand in a few classes, but the ATPA has one thing that the NFMS doesn’t, the interesting seperation of National pullers and Regional pullers.

Now I’ll be the first to admit that it’s not a huge difference in the Twd truck class, you could mix the classes and nobody would look out of place. The difference is a little more noticeable in the Mod class. ...

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ATPA Winter Nationals 2001 (originally posted on 2-9-01)

Published 10/28/2008 05:02AM, by Jake Morgan Viewed: 3,734 times

(originally posted on 2-9-01)

After approximately 4 months off from tractor pulling, and one weekend before the Superbowl it was about the perfect time to see some trucks and tractors go down the track. Luckily the ATPA added a pull to their schedule that rivaled the NFMS. I’ll be the first to admit that the National Farm Machinery Show is one of the premier pulls of the year and the ATPA Winter Nationals will undoubtedly be compared to the NFMS pull and I think it’s a fair comparison.

For those of you who didn’t attend the event, you missed a great show. I would encourage everyone who bought tickets this season to get them early for next year’s event. There were numerous empty seats on Sunday, and a few on Saturday, but I wouldn’t expect any empty seats or easy tickets next season.

The caliber of trucks and tractors at the event was second to none for most classes. The Unlimited Superstocks were some of the best tractors f...

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