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A Road Map For Pulling (originally posted September 24, 2004)

Published 02/07/2009 07:07AM, by Jake Morgan Viewed: 3,290 times

(originally posted September 24, 2004)

Forwards or Backwards: How Do We Know?

(September 24, 2004) - With the NTPA’s recent rule change in the Modified class, there are a number of people who believe that the class has taken a step backward.  At the same time there are many that believe that the class has taken a step forward.  So in what direction are we going and how do we know?  Do we need a road map to help us make rule changes and to know what direction we are going?

What road map do we need to follow?  Money?  Horsepower?  Technology? Competition?  What factor lets us know that the decisions the leaders make are correct?  Let’s take a look at some of the big factors the influence rule changes:

Money – In my opinion, cost is the poorest road map the sport can follow. Some people have money, some people have large sums of mo...

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Is The Pro Stock Class Broken? (originally posted May 5, 2004)

Published 01/26/2009 02:45AM, by Jake Morgan Viewed: 3,455 times

(originally posted May 5, 2004)

A look into the future of the Pro Stock as well as the other tractor classes

I’ve been working on this opinion article for the better part of three months; actually it’s closer to four month now after the latest set of revisions.  Usually I have a thought and write an article in a few days then let the article set for a half a week to a week and then read over the article to see what points I missed and to see how the article reads.  Not this time.  I know I don’t have all my bases covered because this is a very difficult topic but here goes nonetheless.

This article has been different for a number of reasons.  I started out with the intentions of focusing on the Pro Stock class, I soon realized that this problem is more than just a Pro Stock problem; it’s a tractor problem.  For those of you who believe there aren’t a...

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FINALS Saturday Night National Farm Machinery Show 2004 (originally posted February 17 2004)

Published 01/26/2009 02:22AM, by Jake Morgan Viewed: 2,682 times

Saturday Night Finals

We’ve got an absolutely incredible lineup of vehicles for the pull tonight.  These are the best of the best; all these tractors battled and beat the best in the country to get here.

  • Joe Eder and the Finishline Xpress.  Joe starts far right hand side of the track.  Joe has the mod balanced perfect again tonight.  The frame is working perfectly and Joe is hook to the ground, it’s not the best hole shot I’ve seen him make but he has the horses where it counts, at the far end of the track.  He just drags the sled with brute force and easily puts it in the sand 241.94
  • Bill Leischner and the Dirtslinger lines up in the dead center of the track.  Bill heads just right of center on the great looking mod.  The frame is flexing and the old ten ply are hooking good but the right corner of the track make Bill work to get to 231.00
  • Don Nelson and the Texas Bullwhip, the DT 466 builds boost, and t...

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Saturday National Farm Machinery Show 2004 (originally posted February 17 2004)

Published 01/26/2009 02:21AM, by Jake Morgan Viewed: 2,828 times

Saturday Afternoon

The people are already starting to file in with 45 minutes remaining until driver introductions.  The 4wd trucks are getting rolled into the pull, like all the classes in pulling, these guys have really stepped it up with beautiful paint schemes and extremely clean trucks.  The gloss and clear coat on these bodies would look just as at place at a truck show as it does rolling down the track. I don’t get to many events that have the 4wd’s but I love to see the huge six and seven hundred cubic inch motor battle it out on the clay.

I’m not sure of the pull order this afternoon but we also have an excellent class of Pro Stocks again, we’ve got green as usual, some real strong red tractors, and arguable one of the strongest diesel AC tractors in the world.  We also have the pint sized multi charger power houses, the Light Supers.   The little light supers are still one of the most exciting and colorful classes in all of pulli...

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Friday National Farm Machinery Show 2004 (originally posted February 16 2004)

Published 01/26/2009 01:56AM, by Jake Morgan Viewed: 3,906 times

Friday Night NFMS

A capacity crowd at Freedom Hall as usual.  We’ve got two extremely tough tractor classes tonight with an excellent two-wheel drive truck class sandwiched in between.  It will surely be a great show.  I’d like to give 2 thumbs up to the selection committee this year for all the classes, this show truly has the best of the best and there are no pullers who don’t deserve to be here, and just being invited is a victory.

Superfarm are set to get us rolling.

  • Larry Wolff Wolfgang’s Warrior, the JD 4255 has been stout here in the past.  Larry eases the big deere out of the hole right of center.  It’s a great pass again for the deere.  Larry pulls back on the throttle and easily puts the deere into the sand pile.  He’s almost got the back tires touching the sand when he come to a stop, the crowd erupts and larry is marked at 249.01
  • John Hoffman and the Mark 50 Case IH stands it up tall and...

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