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Thursday National Farm Machinery Show 2004 (originally posted February 15 2004)

Published 01/26/2009 01:54AM, by Jake Morgan Viewed: 2,974 times

Thursday Night at the National Farm Machinery Show

The air is a little chillier tonight in Freedom Hall, the crowds continue to file in, the Superfarm tractors are set to kick off the show.  It looks like the Wolverine Deere will be tonight’s test puller.  The drivers are heading out on the track for the introductions.  We get a quick ad from the pull sponsor Syngenta.  For the farmers out there that are tractor pulling fans if your looking for a change in your incesticide, herbicide, fungicide or any other chemicals for your crop take a look at Syngenta.  They have sponsored this show for a number years and we are all thankful for their continued support for this event.  I’m a firm believer in supporting the sponsors that support the sport we love.

The National anthem has been played, the drivers are leaving the track and the great looking 4430 John Deere is getting backed up to the sled.  It looks like it’s going to be a capacity...

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Wednesday National Farm Machinery Show 2004 (originally posted February 14 2004)

Published 01/26/2009 01:52AM, by Jake Morgan Viewed: 2,714 times

Wednesday Night NFMS

This is one of the few can’t miss events in truck and tractor pulling at there is always something exciting on tap. The best of the best is an understatement for this event.  From tractors, to fans, to track crew, to announcing, and everything in between this is what pulling is all about.

17,000 screaming fans packed tight around an arena to watch a tractor spin the tires and roar down the track does it get any better than this?

Diesel Superstock are set to kick off the show:

  • Esdon Lehn and Redline Fever Too starts on the right side of the track, picks the front a few inches off the ground and the IH roars out near the sand pile.  Great pass for the veteran.  Esdon runs the Puller 2000 tires this year instead of the good old Louisville single cut tires. 228.04 is the mark to beat.
  • Still beautiful after quite a few years, the Stray Horse of Dave Henderson starts in Esdons tracks right of center and the Whi...

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Using Verse Abusing (originally posted January 21, 2004)

Published 01/26/2009 01:41AM, by Jake Morgan Viewed: 1,993 times

(originally posted January 21, 2004)


A Boring but Necessary Lecture on Internet Etiquette

We make every effort to remove negative posts that are put up anonymously as soon as we notice them.  Unfortunately we don’t have the ability to monitor the page 24 hrs. a day but with my fathers help we try and keep the trash to a minimum.  There are always a few posts that stay up an hour, a day, or even sometimes a weekend longer than we would like, regrettably that’s inevitable.  It’s unfortunate but there will always be people with negative feelings and jealousy that will try and take an advantage of any situation.  There are even some people who put the same negative message up hour after hour, and we will continue to delete it hour after hour.

I’m not saying that people don’t have a right to free speech, but negative free sp...

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The Future of the Alcohol Super Stock Class (originally posted on September 23, 2003)

Published 01/26/2009 01:06AM, by Jake Morgan Viewed: 8,799 times

1 Step Back, Before We Can Go Forward
The Future of the Alcohol Super Stock Class

(originally posted on September 23, 2003)

After 5 years the Super Stock class still stands head and shoulders above the rest of the classes in one category; controversy.  The class and it’s all too numerous variations remain the sports most hotly contested topic.  It’s hard to believe that nothing has changed in this class since I started this page back in the late summer of 1997.  It’s also easy to see why the class hasn’t evolved in that time.  Sure there have been some changes, mainly the names but the same problems still remain: too few tractors, and very confusing rules.

It’s interesting that a few years back fans were promised by pullers promoters and organizations that the Alcohol class and the Diesel class will both grow independently of each other.  Now it’s years later and the growth has been at a snails pace if any, th...

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Shortening WinterNationals Show Length (originally posted February 22, 2003)

Published 01/26/2009 01:00AM, by Dick Morgan Viewed: 1,863 times

(originally posted February 22, 2003)

February 22, 2003 The following list consists of a few suggestions for speeding up the ATPA WinterNationals.  These ideas are not exclusive to the WinterNationals, many of the suggestions are for truck and tractor pulling in general.  The “pull duration” / “pulling action” ratio need to be increased if truck and tractor pulling is ever to grow as a spectator sport.  One of the easiest ways to increase the ratio is to shorten the pull duration.  When a spectator leaves an event he should leave feeling like he saw an action packed event, and didn’t just sit in the stands for hours and watch a few tractors pull.

Some of these suggestions may seem insignificant and may only shorten up the show a dozen seconds here and a dozen seconds there, but if the organizations us a combination of these suggestions then seconds turn into minutes.  If as little as one minute can be eliminated between hooks at a 60 hook event ...

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